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    pete0 reacted to FairWooney in James Rodríguez   
    He provided a lot more this week than against Fulham.
    He is and will always be a luxury player to some extent.  If we had more possession I think he'd do a good job controlling attacks in the middle and we saw that in those early games.  When we don't have much of the ball he doesn't have as much involvement apart from to create chances on quick attacks.
    In that sense he did pretty well:
    3 shots (2 on target)
    5 key passes
    2 dribbles
    Fouled 3 times
    8 Crosses (though only 3 considered accurate - assume that includes corners/free kicks)
    4 out of 7 successful long balls
    He also had 46, more passes than anyone else in the team .
    On the downside  he was disspossed 4 times.
    He took that offside chance beautifully and also had a few decent bits of attacking involvement.
    He won't charge around winning the ball back and making darting runs like Richarlison and we have to accept that.  
    I've found as a team we've looked very flat recently, in early games Richarlison seemed to be making really good runs forward that James was picking out, We seems to look a bit short on that at the moment and the balls he's playing have been much more speculative in a lot of instances.
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    pete0 reacted to Matt in Abdoulaye Doucouré   
    He was everywhere, but nothing came off for him. The whole teams been rough since the kopite game, and the system changing and him being bounced around positions made him look worse that he was. Doesn’t excuse the basic errors he made but nearly everyone was making them so I’m not going to single him out 
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    pete0 got a reaction from Matt in Alex Iwobi   
    Of the five at the back he was the best one. To score them out of 10 I'd say seven is fair.
    8. Pickford, Allan
    7. DCL, Davies
    6. James, Doucoure, Keane
    5. Iwobi, Godfrey, Holgate
    3. Richarlison
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    pete0 got a reaction from Matt in Carlo Ancelotti   
    His changes won Leeds the game. There was no structure in the formation after the subs we were all over the place. Richarlison should have been the one to go off as well as he was pish. 
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    pete0 got a reaction from Palfy in Trump in charge (ex race for the US presidency thread)   
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    pete0 reacted to Romey 1878 in Carlo Ancelotti   
    I know it's frowned upon to say something like this but Carlo really needs to have a good think about what he's doing at the moment. Yes, the players are responsible too but he is not blameless for these wank performances. The way he's set us up for maybe the past month or so is very questionable and he must take his share of the blame.
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    pete0 reacted to Matt in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    I know this is kinda irrelevant, but there was 1 good piece of defending by Delph immediately followed by him bellyflopping onto the Leeds player he had no chance of getting past and then looked all indignant. Summed him up perfectly. 
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    pete0 reacted to Matt in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    Credit to Davies, he's had a good game
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    pete0 reacted to markjazzbassist in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    i think James has been fine.  this isn't bastketball where 1 guy can just win the game each time.  he's made some great passes and had a goal disallowed.  
    delph coming on, iwobi?
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    pete0 reacted to markjazzbassist in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    ?  they have no quality, lots of huff and puff but they've had sitters they've missed.  we've had 2 ACTUAL goals disallowed (rightfully).  not sure where all the negativity is coming from, i'm guessing you don't watch leeds.  they do this to every side they play.  but they can't convert, that's their massive flaw.
    we are playing well, just need to keep having a go and let our quality shine through.  i don't know who is on the bench but if we could get an actual left footed LWB i'd put them on to see if we can get some crosses in the box.
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    pete0 reacted to markjazzbassist in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    davies has looked great so far, working his ass off out there
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    pete0 reacted to dunlopp9987 in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    Davies looking far more comfortable than Iwobi
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    pete0 reacted to badaids in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    Some seriously dogshit haircuts in this Leeds side.
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    pete0 reacted to Palfy in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    You’ve really got to put those sorts of chances away good work from Davies
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    pete0 reacted to Bailey in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    That pass from Iwobi highlights the problem with playing a right footer at left back. Always wants to play back into the middle and its much easier to telegraph.
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    pete0 reacted to Palfy in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    James needs to show for this one and put in a decent shift both ways, there’s no room for shirkers against this team their fitness and intensity is second to none, and we need to match them man for man. 
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    pete0 reacted to Palfy in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    In all honesty if Niels is injured I’d rather have Davies there than Bernard Delph Gylfi or Gomes, at least Davies has some fight and bite to his game. 
    Who would you put there?
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    pete0 got a reaction from Romey 1878 in Corona Virus   
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    pete0 reacted to Matt in Dele Alli   
    It’s his attitude I’ve never liked. I’d rather have Barkley back if we’re looking for that type of player
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    pete0 reacted to Btay in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    I think Keanes made more mistakes than Mina personally. Which ever it is though, they need to sharpen up quickly.
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    pete0 reacted to Matt in Leeds United (Home) Saturday 28 November   
    Keane comfortably. He’s been our best CB for months, and even though he’s had a few bad games (like most) he’s more reliable than Mina
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    pete0 got a reaction from Zoo 2.0 in Dele Alli   
    Alli is a match of the day player. Too often makes the wrong decision and often goes missing for large chunks of the game. 
    He tries hard but often he's over exerting himself as he's poor positional. Technical ability is above average but apart from that he's a championship player.
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    pete0 got a reaction from Btay in Fulham (Away) Saturday 21 November   
    Their equaliser starts around 40s.
    Richarlison presses leaving a man free. Keane let's the goal scorer go who has an easy one-two as Allan hasn't picked up the spare player that Richarlison abandoned. 
    Doucoure and Mina are scrambling because of the shit show from the others. Richarlison is the one who starts it, Allan doesn't react quick enough to swap players, and Michael Keane might as well be a training cone. All much more at fault than flavour of the month Mina, or Doucoure. Don't think there's anything Doucoure could do, Mina could react quicker but he's probably caught out by how shit his teammates have been as they simply shouldn't be able to get on that position, he's Keane's man all day so Mina would need future sight to see Keane was gonna fuck it and that he'd need to cover his arse.
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    pete0 reacted to Bailey in Fulham (Away) Saturday 21 November   
    I agree with you. Its all on Keane and Allan for me for the first goal. I'm not going to say that the reactions from Pickford and Mina were everything I would have hoped for after that but as far as it goes the ship has sailed by the time they get involved and they are scrambling around because of the mistakes of others. Like the Utd game, Keane should be on the man that drops deeper, especially with 5 at the back. He gives them the space to play, along with Allan who gets caught ball watching.
    I am also very surprised to see Doucoure get stick. I questioned him to start with but on watching the replay (because the BBC camerawork at the time was shocking), you see James and Allan should both have a man each. Allan goes to the wide man, James doesn't drop in like he should which would stop the pass. As soon as Digne gets done, I don't think Keane can do a great deal because he has to start moving towards the ball and again then its Mina, Doucoure etc all scrambling to stop the goal.
    For yet another week its a case of poor communication and organisation.
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    pete0 reacted to MikeO in Corona Virus   
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