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  1. Me and a couple of mates went to Challenge Cup Final (Rugby League) this year. All blocked off at the bottom of the stairs before getting near the stadium, so that they could check Covid proofs on phones. My mate was let in because... He had an honest face! 🤦🏽
  2. Scrap that Village 2-1 Everton Gray
  3. He's in video aswell. Cross in from left hand side to Rondon, and Richy is at front post.
  4. I thought he was older than 28. Free you say... Does our budget stretch to that sort of fee?
  5. I've a horrible feeling I'm going to be sat watching SSN at 11pm to see us sign the infamous Noah Baadhi.
  6. Haven't they bought the Japanese lad to replace him though?
  7. Lord have Mersey. You fellas are driving me on-seine. Danube even recognise a good river related pun.
  8. http://sportwitness.co.uk/journalist-warns-everton-bombshell-deadline-day-agreement-already-place-exit/
  9. Few bits on twitter saying all done bar the medical.
  10. Classic fee based off the back of a good loan at CSKA. Lookman fee based off the back of a good loan in Germany.E ssentially what has been tried to be achieved with Kean, no? The DCL transfer is the stuff dreams are made of to be fair, and I can't imagine their being many examples of such unbelievable rises.
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