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  1. rubecula


    thanks Mike young man
  2. rubecula


    PS anyone miss me LOL
  3. rubecula


    HI Folks my name is Rubecula (ON the puter anyway ) I used to be a regular on here a while ago.
  4. Dear ne ithas been a nightmare lately here / lol just wanted to say sorry for bot being around lately rea;;y. tale care folks
  5. Corona virus: 1 thoughts. It is a nasty virus and I do not think that the survivors in a family will appreciate the idea of not being able to give comfort to their relatives who may be dying, which will be as scary as fuck for many folk 2 Concerbs: WTF dio we do next year when it comes back as a super bug ? A bug that the medical experts can not eradicate too early as it has mutated and can not be stopped On a personal note may i wish you all a very special easter and you and your loved ones all survive well
  6. sorry i ,ossed this fabulous event Mike i was hoping to take a doggy nag home and to take the piss out of you but i didnt do either for 2 reasons 1/ As it was a virtual party wouldnt be able to take a doggy bag anyway and 2/(The important reason) I am older than you
  7. thanks guys that is very good of you all i am very pleased with it it is a silver and blue colour, i ;ove the thing at the moment but this self isolation is a right pain in the balls
  8. good news i am getting a 5 wheel scooter next week. ( took one out today a for a test drive today) lol i am very happy
  9. thanks guys much appreciated
  10. Just a quicjk thank you for what has been said to me recently i appreciate it all i am out of the hospital now and i hope to stay out for a while now and also i want to thank the folks who sent me birthday wishes too thanks to you all i anm so proud to be a toffee COYB
  11. Maybe more accurate to say that unstead I of saying that we believe it to be true,
  12. cead mille failte wallet81
  13. Evertonians are born not made (Like the Plastic scousers from across the park) We know who we are as we have a sense of history that we all remind ourselves of everytime we need to.
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