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  1. Sorry I know we want to back up our player but that still really doesn't show what happened does it. Pickford was not malicious in his intent but he lunged with both feet up and out towards the player and ball. Van Dyke was only heading in the direction of the ball, a ball that did not have another player near it at the time! Pickford has put himself in the wrong position and in his head had to make that lunge and spread himself, he shouldn't have done it and that's that. The media need to move on, he needs to move on and learn from that and the other mistakes he's been making rec
  2. Bernard doesn't seem to be favoured by Ancelotti and he prefers to play Iwobi but personally I'd say the most natural replacement is Bernard. He has pace, flare and skills to work the wing and come inside. He's not as much of a goal threat as Richarlison but is certainly capable of opening up space and and setting up DCL. Like Richarilson he works hard around the pitch too, putting in dodgy tackles in an attempt to help out defense! I'd go with the same line up but put Bernard and Kenny in. Gomes could also be swapped for Sigurdson but depends how Ancelotti is feeling after watchi
  3. If we get into Champions League I don't see Richarlison leaving unless it was for Barca or Real. He's got a great manager, a good young team who he will have seen heading in the right direction. I would also say that if he was going to go he'd go but only if a team is willing to pay what we want for him which would be big big money. If they won't pay it he won't go and I'm sure he'd get on with things (no doubt looking just as surly but working just as hard as ever!). Dominic wouldn't be in a rush to leave, Ancelotti has done wonders for him (not forgetting Big Dunc as well
  4. I'm hoping Bernard hasn't gone anywhere. He is at times a quality player for us, a bit lightweight but works really hard, has some good skills and importantly can do a job on both wings and in the middle. He might not be happy at being on the bench but we can't afford to let him go right now.
  5. I think his reason for wanting him dropped from England no.1 is to as he said "give him a wake up call". He's made his mistakes, he's seen a new keeper come in, if he was dropped to the bench by England it would just backup that he really needs to pull his finger out his arse and cut out those mistakes. Hopefully the addition of a new experienced international goal keeper will spur him on and perhaps help him out in training too.
  6. would make good backup from the bench....but would he really be happy with that? Who would you replace if we had him?
  7. I'd like to have seen Lookma get more game time, always felt he could make it for us. Think he'll do well at Fulham
  8. interesting one this. I see Holgate and Keane as our first choice pairing when fit and happy with Mina as backup, clearly we need a 4th centre back but would have expected a loan or a backup type player to come in. Would be interesting to see who Carlo would see as his first choice after signing Godfrey. I felt Holgate really came on well last season and is also very good on the ball so would like to see him continue, Keane has improved a lot and has looked a lot more dependable. Mina has been ok though I still wouldn't be happy if he was long term first choice. With 30 pr
  9. I was panicking that last 20 minutes whenever he had the ball and had players snapping around him. just wanted him to get rid so they'd keep away from him! ran the game brilliantly, hopefully Richarilson isn't out long because he is such a good outlet for James with his running down the wing
  10. Agree, Tosun, Sandro, Besic and Bolasie are never going to make match day squad in any tournament for us so we just need to get rid to reduce squad numbers and wage bill. Delph and Davies likely stay as backup though Davies would probably go if someone put in an offer on him or possibly on loan as was suggested with the Southampton link. Until Gbamin is fit and playing I don't expect both Delph and Davies to go. Sigurdson has looked alright since we got the new players in and is a decent player to have as backup. According to https://www.spotrac.com/epl/everton-fc/payroll//
  11. I don't think sig is going anywhere unless he's unhappy at being back up. I think Ancelotti sees him as a valuable backup to Gomes on a game by game basis and can cover generally in midfield if needed.
  12. Think I fell in love watching him in the first half today! (I didn't get to watch all of the second) The vision and execution in his passing is second to none and the difference it makes to the team is huge. He doesn't need to run around or take people on as the his team mates know that when he gets the ball they can start making runs and he will pick them out. Richarlison as someone that loves to make those kind of runs must love playing with him. Even the likes of Seamus and Digne see the benefit as they can confidently make those runs up the flanks without feeling it'll be a waste
  13. great to see such a spread of votes on a win, shows how well the whole team are playing. This was a tough match and Palace look like a side that will trouble any team. They are well organised, get stuck in well when they don't have the ball and counter attack very well and we managed to do what we had to do to beat them through an all round good team performance
  14. flicked through this, so we're in agreement Dom should be benched next week for Tosun and Sandro should be brought in as first option to come on? 😅 If we create enough chances that he can afford the odd miss while still scoring every week then we're doing a good job. He'll only keep improving his finishing the more he bangs them in. You only have to look at how many chances Salah and Mane have and miss to know that a good side doesn't need to score every chance to be successful. I'd be more concerned about Richarlison's wasted chances than DCL but I'm sure he'll start putting
  15. I'd imagine James can strike a pen. I'd also like to see DCL and Richarilson backed to take them if they are competent (and they really should be) though. If DCL wants to compete for top goal scorer he should be able to take pens if he can show he's capable of scoring 9 out of 10.
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