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  1. As they want him to get game time i'm surprised they'd send him to us as he will still get limited time when DCL is fit again which should only be a couple of weeks away unless it's a really bad hamstring injury. He sounds a good player though
  2. He'll miss the FA Cup game against Sheffield Wednesday won't he? Cups normally count for suspensions
  3. fair points guys, I guess they change of position is indeed what had an affect. I wouldn't particularly choose to play him there again mind
  4. Sig has been much better of late but was anonymous in a good team performance last night. 26 touches (Gomes had the same in the 30 minutes he played) dispossessed twice, lost it once due to bad control made one interception 1 key pass and 1 decent cross in his 17 passes at just 82% accuracy. I know it's not all about stats but I had to take a look just to confirm I hadn't missed him contributing something to the game! Looked pretty pissed off when he came off too, hopefully narked with his own performance rather than being removed!
  5. Good performance all round especially after we all looked in bewilderment at the team sheet! We looked really good on the ball, Rodriguez looking really lively constantly looking to pick players out, with Iwobi and Digne really benefiting from his vision and left boot. Our game has really missed that link up of Rodriguez knowing that Digne and Richarlison will be making runs down the left so it's great to have that option from Digne back. The only thing missing was someone i the box most of the time for Digne to pick out. Great defensively as well, the whole team contributing, Iwobi fo
  6. not a clue what to expect, hopefully they've put in some training on this set up!
  7. Agree with that team as long as Digne is feeling fit and well after today's game. Good to have pretty much first choice line up available again Hopefully see a performance to match
  8. We were shite, Olsen did his job well, Doucoure as I'd expect improved us when he came on. Coleman when we were attacking was pretty involved and I thought Gomes was generally alright. Tosun also took his goal and the offside one very well. Can't be arsed to cast a vote! Let's hope we play better in round 4
  9. Great surprise to see Digne back. Didn't expect him back so soon, hope he's not been rushed back and is carefully managed back. I'd have liked DCL to get a chance to break his run but can fully understand giving him a much needed break.
  10. a lot of people putting Iwobi in the team. Is he fit? He missed the last game completely so I wondered if he had an injury. Or was he ill?
  11. Olsen Coleman Keane Godfrey Niels Davies Gomes Bernard Gordon DCL Richarlison I'd give James 30 minutes whatever the game situation (unless they are chopping us down all over the park!). I toyed with Richarilson in the number 10 role but realistically he's not going to play there regularly so keep him on the left, Niels a natural attacking wing back would benefit him as well as he's missed having Digne there. DCL needs goals and against a weaker side with the crossing of N
  12. Agree with Gomes voters that he looked very good when he came on. But i've gone Doucoure, the last few games without Allan I've noticed him a lot more. He's making brilliant challenges to win the ball in dangerous positions then you see him up the other end looking to make something or get a chance at goal. An immense players and really shown what an important signing he is.
  13. oh and I haven't dropped Pickford for performance reasons, just "Rotation" same as Carlo, I'd expect him to play in the cup game so give him the game off on Saturday.
  14. Olsen Coleman Holgate Keane Godfrey Doucoure Gomes Iwobi Rodriguez (if fit) Richarlison DCL I've gone a couple of changes, I'd keep the same team as the weekend for the cup game but give Coleman his first start back on Saturday against Sheff Utd. Sheffield United haven't offered a huge amount attackwise so I'd like to see us be a bit more attack minded. Doucoure to cover things defensively with Gomes with him in the middle and Rodriguez in front of them in the middle. If Rodriguez isn't fit then with
  15. Same line up as Chelsea. Tough match this, hoping we can follow up that Chelsea performance with another good resilient performance hopefully another win and clean sheet.
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