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  1. I don't really understand how the death of a supreme court judge is discribed as the beginning of the end of liberal values and civil liberties in the US. How fragile is the US constitutional system? Should an unelected member of the judiciary have such power as to be able to substantially influence policy regarding women's and marginalized communities' rights? In the UK, the European Court of Justice was often criticized for being a political court, but it's nothing in comparison to the US Supreme Court. Really strange to watch from this side of the pond.
  2. Is this still the brexit you voted for?
  3. Unprecedented. Unbelievable. How can you go back on a treaty signed less than a year ago.. I don't agree this is on brexit-voters... it is on a populist, irresponsible government whose big campaign slogan was the oven-ready deal. When the legality of the bill breaking international law will be challenged in court, the judiciary will be placed in a position where they once again will be labeled "enemies of the people" by right-wingers, further undermining the rule of law in the UK. It will get worse before it gets better..
  4. Bringing the grades in line with previous years resulted in the most absurd outcomes. A student was predicted to get a B in maths, which was however the lowest grade in her class. Apparently someone in that school had gotten a U in maths last year. So according to the algorithm, the person with the lowest grade had to get a U. Examples like that are so absurd it should have been fixed before awarding grades. This shouldn't take going through an appeals process.
  5. Not really. It is more a book about Bolton (why he should have been secretary of state, why he's such a great national security advisor, how he influenced policy by writing brilliant articles for 'The Hill', how it is obvious that the only solution for the Middle East is to carpet bomb it all, etc.). Of course if they marketed it like that noone would buy it.
  6. I'm reading the horrible Bolton book "The Room Where It Happened". The man is a psychopath who writes about bombing North Korea, Iran, Syria, like it is normal to kill millions. Would actively advise anyone to not spend any money on the book (I got it through "other" channels). Also, now waiting 9 years for "The Doors of Stone" to be released; slowly losing my mind.
  7. Yes very true, disproportionally affecting the poor. Also watch local farmers go bust because they can't compete with industrialized US farming. And even if you, as a consumer, choose not to eat the US beef/pork/.., you won't know where your restaurateur gets his food (..you can't take a pretty good guess though).
  8. Lower food standards do mean lower prices, though. Food is much cheaper in the US compared to here. Lower food prices are one of the benefits of brexit that can probably come true. I understand the UK government want to allow the "inferior" food to be sold in the UK and have the consumer decide what they want. Cheap food (US), EU-certified food, or Premium foods as you describe.
  9. In light of the UK - US trade negotations there are a lot of really interesting post-brexit decisions to be made by the UK. See for example this statement by the US "national pork producers council". "As the United Kingdom moves to the final stages of the process of withdrawing from the European Union, it has many stark choices in front of it. Among the most important is whether it will maintain the EU’s non-science-based and protectionist SPS barriers to agricultural trade, or whether it will instead jettison the EU’s “precautionary” approach to regulatory decision making and open itse
  10. That's a very interesting graph. Shows the libdems really screwed up with their 'revoke' policy; Change UK was a complete joke ; there's 20% normal Tory voters, the other 25% are brexit party/ukip thugs ; unlike other European countries the Green movement never got going in the UK (at least not for the Green Party) ; .. I don't know what it says about Corbyn but Labour really could have used all those wasted libdem votes.
  11. Approval Ratings:Keir Starmer:Well: 48% (+8)Badly: 21% (+4)Net: +27% (+4)Boris Johnson:Well: 43% (-14)Badly: 50% (+15)Net: -7% (-29)Via @YouGov, 6-8 Jun.Changes w/ 9-10 May.
  12. Idiots. Behaviour like that will lose them the support of the general public.
  13. Those twitter clips are incredible. In a country overrun with guns, how long before protestors start reacting to this with violence? This could spiral out of control pretty quickly.
  14. This thread took a strange turn 😮
  15. That made me think of a great Bill Hicks bit "But my Dad's just, “I believe it's the literal word of God”.And I go, “It's not. I can prove it to you. Give me your Bible”.He goes and gets his Bible .“Ok”. I go, “what's that on the front?”“Holy Bible”.“What else does it say?”“King James's Version”.“There you go”. (greatest comedian/social critic of our time)
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