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  1. Best Football related PR stunt in years. Marketing gods at Paddy Power. Huddersfield will never get that amount of press coverage in their lifetime. PP only needed to generate enough engagement to last a season, they've single handedly put Huddersfield on the map with a lifetime of PR. Also, the end result is incredible. What a gesture (their presence will of course be felt everywhere around the club still) just keeps it clean on the shirts so that football purests are kept happy.
  2. Twitter is awash with reports of us being linked with Reinier Jesus - his representatives are in London meeting with ours. This kid has the ability to be big time. Think David Silva/Eriksen ability, potentially even more. Big big gamble but the pay-off could be astronomical. Identified as THE best Brazilian talent of the next generation. He's the next Kaka (think prime).
  3. It's not insane. Hes worth that sort of money however I'd be incredibly surprised if he doesnt end up at a top CL or Liverpool.
  4. He's a bit of a diva but I think that comes with the amount of hype hes been given since youth team football. His ego probably outweighs his talent currently but his potential is very high.
  5. This summer feels like half of my FIFA 15 Everton team I put together, which included: Baines Coleman Zouma Bernard Walcott It also had Barkley, Lukaku and Atsu in it...less said about those 3 the better. Only missing Ter Stegan, Sule and Goretzka! Haven't played FIFA since 😢 damn parenting responsibilities!!!
  6. Lots of free, bosman and some loan players inbound. May pay big for one position but the rest it's about cost cutting, since we've spent so much and got little or no return.
  7. Look at the damage. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/sunderland-player-darron-gibson-involved-14424918.amp He is a proper cunt.
  8. Not sure if posted yet. https://evertonthat.com/2018/03/05/exclusive-bill-kenwright-expected-to-leave-his-role-by-the-end-of-the-month/amp/?__twitter_impression=true "EXCLUSIVE: Bill Kenwright expected to leave his role by the end of the month"
  9. 100% this. Genuinely dislike Everton at present. Lost its identity. Lost its dignity. Lost its values. Lost its appeal. As-fucking-if Fonseca will touch us. He'll get blamed for the shitfest his predecessors and Walsh have created.
  10. "Lads I won't get my payout if you keep playing like this"
  11. Fat cunt smiling at the idea of walking passed the away fans. Keep over pal.
  12. All because we messed him around, pretty certain if it.
  13. This is what's wrong with managerial contracts. He'llget a huge pay off for underperforming, how is that right? Every contract should be performance based. Players and staff.
  14. Just look at Tosun. He's been given money. He's talking about selling him now. Proper cunt.
  15. Stuck with a crock now. Not only did we not need him but now were paying for his rehabilitation and wages whilst he doesn't play. That transfer alone Walsh should be sacked.
  16. This astounded me...for all the wrong reasons The guy is unbelievable. "Very good position"? Clearly used to being in the relegation zones for too long...
  17. The off the field stuff (community) is still an area we really do 'right'.
  18. Which one? I know you're not a Mosh fan but he has done what he promised. Unfortunately been misinformed and guided, which has led to him spinning money and recruiting the wrong people. Just a thought, when the club were toying with creating a role for a technical Director of football, why did they not just get one in who's been around the block and has a good level of experience in the position, rather than risking a new role to someone unfamiliar in that style of role? That's still one thing that does baffle me and if that is on Mosh, then he deserves no sympathy on the matter.
  19. Club is a complete shithouse on the field and in the player/staff recruitment. Going to take years of accepting no return on any of that investment Mosh ', made some fucking horrendous errors in Walsh and last 2 years player recruitment. Feel for him actually. Best intentions, massively mis-advised.
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