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  1. Weird weird feeling, this 'could' still happen.
  2. This. Shaftsville on every level. Stupid prick. The fallout from this is going to be ugly.
  3. If anybody else heard Moshiri before...jesus wept aha
  4. He'll be furious we didnt get a striker in.
  5. "True Blue" costing his childhood club the sum of money we've never been privy to before.
  6. Ironic. Ross can't make a quick decision...
  7. Our only backup to Baines gone. Let's hope for no injuries to neither DCL or Baines...
  8. This the guy Unsworth was on the sly about, regarding a new recruit? Can only imagine so.
  9. Give him to Chelsea for Bats', Arsenal for Giroud, Redbull for Werner or anyone remotely decent.
  10. I just like the fact we're thinking smart about this deal. Injured player Let's get cover Get cover in the form of a constantly injured player Looks for cover, for cover
  11. Aha that's exactly whom I was thinking of but couldn't remember his name
  12. Exactly and we'll be paying massively over the odds for them. It's not a bottomless pit, it's substantial amounts of money.
  13. This. Separate note. Pretty sure we (as fans) won't be the only ones fuming over the incompetence seen to bring in a striker we knew we needed 6 months ago. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute. Apparently Bill leaked the Costa story, probably to save face and show "we were "trying" to sign a good player but you'll have to make do with this massively over paid dross that was the only thing available at the time" signing. Moutinho MK2
  14. Seems like another pointless Everton 30+yo defender loanee . We've had a couple of shitters like this before, haven't we?
  15. https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2017/8/30/16225072/everton-wanted-batshuayi-traore-50m-for-lukaku-chelsea-transfer-rumours-news-manchester-united That makes sense. Gutted it didn't come off.
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