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  1. Trap is disillusional being Irish I can tell you first hand He'll play Andrews and Whelan even fucking Green ahead of Gibbo, even Coleman cant get a look in, who imo is the best player Ireland have Zero Scouting on young lads...has his fixed 11 and thats it, boring typical old school Italian negative tactics it really is a chore to watch Backed Ireland not to score a goal in the Euros Pissed when they did
  2. We'll get the transfer cash together in lettering on his jersey sales alone ....presume it'll be just plain old Odjidja
  3. If he found a wheelchair he'd break his sons back
  4. Right scratch 2 off Kev there 1 off Maggie 1 off Ossie and 1 off Vic The prophesy shall be fulfilled..... now where did i leave that bastard gin!!
  5. Duncan- 'put more weights on the bar'....Sorry big man there are no more weights
  6. Ok so i had a few too many last night, still don't feel right.... but that's what each one is capable of individually, looks a lot healthier than previous seasons any way Sorry for the drunk optimism i get carried away sometimes
  7. What i like about this current squad is that they're brimming with confidence and self belief each and every one of them playing with a smile on their face without major injuries i don't see why we shouldn't be challenging top 4 .There's goals in this team now... I reckon this wont be far off Jelly 15-20 Felli 8-12 Pienaar 5-10 Ossie 5 Vic 5..... Naismith 8 ish Miralles could be anything 8+ Vellios 5 Magaye 2 or 3 Barkley 2 or 3 Baines 4 or 5 Gibbo 2 or 3 Centre half's 5 Hibbo 1...against the shite
  8. bluemist


    A nervy 1-2 Ossie and Jelly
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