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  1. Agree- I know he will be bringing in better players and then hopefully we will see his team, playing good football. Agree- Carlo does get the best out of Joe average- unfortunately Joe average can't sustain the level needed week in week out. Best i've seen? referring to starting XI. On paper it's pretty close to being the best in years. I know we have a very weak squad, but if you look at some our defeats we still had the far superior players playing that should win a match. We have scored some good goals this season, mainly from a moment of brilliance from James or anoth
  2. Well done Haf! You found a post where i quoted solid performance and being happy. Maybe next time read my question " playing good football "? Solid performance? resolute at the back! controlled in midfield whilst taking chances up front. Spurs away was probably one of the best performances of the season. Moving on. West Brom- beat a side who had 10 men for over 45 mins Palace- VAR pen which wouldn't be given now. Brighton- Good win but Brighton at home. Derby- VAR again saved the day- Pickford lucky to be on the pitch. Then shit shows against Saint
  3. Have you heard 1 comment this season about Everton playing good football under Carlo??
  4. Imagine having to watch this match back again.
  5. Davies cannot take a ball to feet with his back to goal.
  6. David Moyes notes. Fabianski- rest week, won’t be needed. Easy 3 points
  7. Set piece goal and win 1-0. only win I can see.
  8. Is that our weakest bench since the prem started?
  9. Shit day at work but had this to look forward to!! work wasn’t so bad after all
  10. Went 1-0 up and thought it’s okay to sit back and see the game out for 30 fucking minutes! Only 1 team were going to score and that was Palace!!! fucking shit tactics Carlo!! Disgrace at home yet again
  11. Had the chances and game should have been put to bed. This worries me going in at 0-0. poor showing from Davies imo. Holgate back from the dead😉.
  12. I’m sure he will be. Hopefully today he’s the Holgate of old
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