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  1. Rondon needs to score for us, he has no excuses now.
  2. It's done over a 3 year period, so next year our room will be greater as lots of high transfers from early splurge will be off the books.
  3. I think this winters window we will be limited to loans. In the summer window we should be clear to spend again, although it will probably be the summer after that we will have full financial freedom.
  4. No, had hopes he would serve a purpose, but he is shit.
  5. Sad to say hes got to go, offers nothing. Trouble is wecare stuck with him till the summer as we are short on numbers, and money till then. Must be behined Gordon in selection.
  6. Quad injury is usually 3 to 8 weeks, so lets hope thats wrong.
  7. Gambin or Davies for Iwobi, now please.
  8. Please may us winning at home continue, with a fine victory against West Ham.
  9. Good morning to you too this fine autumn day 🍂. 🤣
  10. I think thry were aiming to close the gap to the top 4, I still think they can do that, their opening fixture list has been very tough, the mirror image of the mens team.
  11. Any port in a storm, some say.
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