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  1. Any hope of Europe rests on us getting 3 points, so whoever has a chance of playing who can score goals has to play.
  2. He normally has lots of energy and last night he looked tired, like he was managing his fitness. We have no fit midfielders at the moment...
  3. All strikers go through dips in form, especially young ones. He will play his way back to form with the support of Carlo and the team. We do need another striker to relieve pressure on him and give another option. A summer signing is essential if Kean goes.
  4. He was good yesterday, his passing was pretty accurate.
  5. I get that, but all the reports I have read (mostly fan forums) say he was one of their better players. If he was not performing I could understand it.
  6. We should be 4 up by now. Please, please let us win this game.
  7. Looks like Hamstring, pity as others have said he was playing well.
  8. Please can we play a bit of passing (to each other) football, and create a few chances, maybe even score a goal or 3.
  9. Preston must know we won't loan players to them again if they go back on agreements with us.
  10. I think you have channelled the hopes and dreams of Evertonians everywhere in that post. Thankyou, now lets hope the time off has allowed us to up our game and make that dream a reality. COYB!!
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