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  1. We sign Marvelous and Goes, a sports writers dream!!
  2. This one is for you Shukes, makes me laugh anyway! Its from a TV advert and a comedy program called Naked Video, very funny TV series worth a look.
  3. I just think there must be better players out there. He has not done well in China, he is getting on a bit now for a striker who relies on dynamic physicality. Must be someone else available?
  4. Playing for a team in china that has the lowest goals scored. Make this rumour go away!!
  5. Just a suggestion, I know we are all quite sensible and all, but maybe pause the thread until there is some news. You never know when some idiot may post something they should not.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that, I can only imagine how hard the whole process is. With reference to this we don't know all the facts, how many victims, over how long a period of time or other offences. I hope for all involved it is resolved as soon as possible.
  7. Hard to say without knowing the facts. In any investigation once the allegation is made it will be investigated which could include obtaining evidence from victims, witness's, examining any social media, or communication device(s), and an a host of other things. Any decision to charge would be made by the Crown Prosecution Service, once they had received all the evidence they needed to make a decision. As to how long it will take, who knows, weeks or months.
  8. So true, its so hard for all those involved in this. Its hard but we have to let the investigation take its course wherever it leads. Support all those affected by this.
  9. These transfers scream "Moneyball" to me, and I say good. Gray is a talented, relatively young player who can develop and do a job for us. Townsend has pace which is what we need and is a backup. With these transfers we are showing "Smarts" which we have lacked in some of our deals in the past.
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