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  1. Very good line up, great to see James playing and excited to see what Iwobi can do. COYB!!
  2. Looks good, I have mine up at my office at work to, confuses the bejesus out of the rest of the team lol.
  3. True, but I think the fact we appointed him to the board to me means he is part of the long term future of the club, otherwise why appoint him?
  4. Brands is on the board so I cant imagine him not extending, unless he wants to take a back seat and focus on his board responsibilities.
  5. Thats my point, both players didn't set out to hurt the other player. Its double standards because Pickford is being vilified by the media, where Son was supported.
  6. Its double standards, after Son injured Gomes, all the media were sympathising with Son and how all this impacted him. When Pickford inures Van Dijk commentators are ready to form lynch mobs. Yes it was a bad and reckless challenge, but there was no intent from Pickford, it was an unfortunate sporting incident. Pickford should have been sent off, but he was not, we lucked out, and lets face it were were due some luck after we have been on the wrong end of so many decisions. Its a damn tragedy that Van Dijk was injured and I hope he comes back stronger. I hope people remember it was
  7. Your right I got the numbers wrong but Gomes had 27 passes, Allan 24, and Doucoure 34, which still proves my point as they are all very similar. Yes I have, sorry, its not all about you Haff.....
  8. Not a personality attack Shukes, and I have no problem with anyone calling out a player when they don't play well. I started out by agreeing that Gomes had a bad game. I leant a long time ago that 20 people can see the same event and call it 20 different ways. It's human nature. My point to Haff was that he seems to be too critical of whatever player has displeased him.
  9. Your right, he Gomes had 27 passes, Allan 24, and Doucoure 34. My point still stands and the stats prove that he did not hide from the ball.
  10. Apparently Van Dijk is out for the rest of the season. While he is a Red, I still hope he comes back strong. He is a quality player and I hate to see anyone suffer an injury like that. I also hope it does not affect Pickford in a bad way, seeing someone injured because of your actions can have an effect.
  11. You said he hid from the ball, made himself unavailable as a passing option, which cant be true as he attempted 78 passes. You can pass the ball without first receiving it and as he didn't make 78 tackles in the game he must therefore of been passed the ball. https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1485226/Live/England-Premier-League-2020-2021-Everton-Liverpool This season he has played 4 league games and in my opinion played ok in 3 of them and poorly in 1. Most commentators think our midfield has been a revelation this season, a midfield that includes Gomes. More importantly Carlo
  12. Gomes played poorly yesterday, nobody disagreed with that. But your conclusions based on one poor game are questionable. You say he hid, did not show for the ball but as Romey said how could he be poor at passing if he hid for the ball? According to the stats he attempted 78 passes, 2 more than Doucoure and completed the same number. Not the stats of someone who went hiding are they, unless your accusing Doucoure hiding too? You suggest playing Siggy in his place, yet Siggy has played his best for us recently in a more attacking role higher up the pitch, not taking the ball from def
  13. They came at us at 100 miles an hour, we just were not ready.
  14. He is running into the box, the ball is behind him and to the side, and there is a Liverpool player in the box. He makes one slip, and its an own goal or he presents it to the Liverpool player. He got the ball out of the danger area, but unfortunately it went to a certain Mo Salah.
  15. Just seen it again on MOTD, and there was nothing else he could do, just unlucky it went to Salah. I thought he played well apart from that.
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