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  1. Wont judge Rondon until he has played 5 or 6 games for us and it up to match speed and fitness, but crikey its like playing with 10 men while he is getting there.
  2. Please take Rondon off, he simply is not fit enough to play, put Grey up front and Gordon out widr.
  3. Football is a team game, players complementing each other and working together. It's not a question of holding players hands, its a question certain players working better in certain formtions. Both Doucoure and Alan are high energy players as was Gana, which allowed other players to play their game. To me, we have always looked more effective when we have played a midfield 3, mostly I guess because we have had the players that suit that system. In the Burnley game we looked so much better when he had Gomes, Doucoure, and Alan playing together. We have a threadbare squad and it will take time to repair the damage done by Walsh and co, I am sure painful lessons have been learnt. When the FFP rules allow we can recruit the players we need.
  4. Players like Davies and Gomes need to be in a midfield 3 to be effective, if you put them in a midfield of two they wont perform well. Sometimes a midfield 3 will suit us, and when it does they are useful players.
  5. Philip Neville and any of his midfield partners for one.
  6. Yeah, in the 100 plus year history of our club, Davies and Gomez is the worst pairing. Way worse than the some of the dynamic duo's we had under previous managers 🤔
  7. Patched up squad, with an unfit striker, centre back and left back. We lacked cohesion, we did play well in patches and had enough chances to win the game. Agree with everyone else that we dont have enough depth. This is a holding year until we can get the right players in when FFP rules allow. Kenny, Holgate, not good enough to be squad players unfortunatly. We desparatly need a striker to convert those chances we created with balls into the box.
  8. Begonia Holgate Kean Braithwaite Godfrey Davies, Gomes, Gambin Iwobi Rondon James Rest the midfield and wide players. Must control the midfield.
  9. If he is not going to plsy for us, for whatever reason then he needs to leave the club. He is on too much money that we can use to get a right back!!
  10. His first season with us demonstrated his ability to use the ball well and help create attacking moves. As well as be an effective midfielder. His passing is superior to Alan's, and when he came on against Burnley his passing rate was the best of anyone I believe. He does dwell on the ball, but this is to look for passing options. Last season he was recovering from a severe injury which no doubt hindered his movements. Even so as I have said he is not a defensive midfielder. As I said this is a squad game and he is an important member of our squad. I disagree with you in that I would be happy to see him in a midfield 3 with Alan and Doucoure. But differing opinions are what make this site interesting 🤔 😉
  11. Pete, if you think that Allardyce is a better manager that Rafa, then thats your opinion and you are entitled to it. Its pretty clear that you are in a mimority, again nothing wrong with that. But there is no way you are going to convince anyone else so why dont we just leave it there eh?
  12. Gomez does get forward, he nearly scored against Burnley for example. He does defend, all be it not as well as Alan and Doucoure. However he is a much better passer of the ball than either of them. Different players different roles, all useful options.
  13. Modern football is a squad game, we need options like Gomes when we play 3 in midfield.
  14. His game is not a defesive midfielder who can anticipate danger and snuff it out like Alan, nor does he have the physicality or attacking power of Doucoure. What he does very well is use his passing and positional sense to help control midfield move the ball into attacking positions further up the pitch. Which now he has his confidence back and is in a balanced midfield he does very well, just like he did before his injury. I would be very happy to see a midfield 3 of Gomes, Doucoure and Alan.
  15. I will not get dragged down this rabbit hole, I will not. Ahh fuck it, one more comment. Pete if you speak to West Ham, West Brom, Crystal Palace and Newcastle fans their opinion on Allardyce, the vast majority will, once you have taken the swear words out say they loathed him being their manager. They say the brand of football he plays kills the enjoyment they had watching their sides. They also say he made little or no effort to get to know the fans, interact with them, or embrace their clubs history. How do I know this, because I work with fans from most prem, championship clubs, and we all talk football. In a previous post I said appointing Allardyce was contentious, I will change that, the vast majority of fottball fans would not want Allardyce managing their club. The vast majority of football fans from non top 6 teams would be ok Benetiz managing their club.
  16. Mina was very good, he won more areal duels than anyone else in the league last weekend. Not his fault for the goal, Godfrey went to close down the lose ball and we were outnumbered in the box.
  17. We dont know his fitness levels. But he is a hard worker and Rafa knows him and I trust Rafa.
  18. Benetiz was arguably more contentious than Allardyce. But Rafa won the fans over with his hard work, vision for the team and ability. Not to mention his efforts to break down any barriers. Allardyce never took the time or effort to win over fans, never had a vision for the team that he shared with the fans. Basically Allardyce was just a knob who expected everyone to fall at his feet.
  19. He was quality when he came on. Gave us control in midfield and let Doucoure get further forward.
  20. Time between matches really drags lol. I'll Wagner there Holst to be a better way to pass the time.
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