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  1. Its not only that, did you see the way his laces were tied, I've never seen such a half arsed attempt to tie a shoe lace!! Fundamentals people, you can keep all the so called "Important skills" like pass's, assists and goals, if you cant tie a proper bunny double loop then your not fit to play the game. Don't get me started on his shin pad placement. Disgrace!!
  2. If Cenk goes, which looks like it is happening given his absence tonight, then we will be getting someone in.
  3. Giroud of Chelsea like. Useful signing but his wages would be too high for anything than a 1/2 season loan.
  4. Congrats to Lucas and his family!!
  5. Lets hope he gets the game time he needs and continues to impress. I think he will be challenging starter for us in 18 months time.
  6. Maybe the video just isn't trying hard enough, you know anticipating wanting to be played then not following through. Slacker!!
  7. Hi always had the potential to be a quality player, now at Everton, under Carlo he is becoming that player. Strong, fast, nimble, and very good at driving forward. Glad he is developing with us, and has become an important player for us.
  8. Have more sympathy with the villa game being cancelled, they have struggled with Covid so understandable.
  9. Given that Fulham, after all the Covid problems they have were ordered to play Spurs tonight (Premier League at their finest again) I can see the Villa game going ahead.
  10. Given how many games Villa are behind I think the game will go ahead.
  11. He is the definition of a model professional, had setbacks, looked himself in the mirror, and worked hard to improve himself. Didn't wine or complain, he worked with people he trusted and just got on with it. Massive respect to him.
  12. Best get some beer goggles on as this ain't going to be pretty!
  13. Hey, given the number of sex parties he reportedly attends that bus is going to be a fun place to be!!
  14. And now he averages 0 in the Championship. Not saying he could not do a job, just that there are better players who could do a better job.
  15. His goal stats for this season show he has not scored so far this season. We are aiming higher now, their must be better options out there we can use.
  16. To quote Gordon Gecko re Josh King and Cenk "Different dog, same fleas". No disrespect to him, he's just not good enough for what we need now. Under Moyes he would have been a great signing, not now.
  17. He is not match fit, and out of form, he has been out a while, then first match back is against a team that is playing in its own "Cup Final" who gave him no time or space. It meant we were effectively a man down in midfield. He just needs game time.
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