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  1. This whole team deserves an audience but I feel that for Dom the most. He's a real credit to the club. Asked for the shirt and has been determined to honor it. Seems to genuinely love and understand Everton. Deserves his goals and will get many more in this team.
  2. He has no relationship with his father, therefore he can only be making speculative comments. I get the feeling he finds the media, they don't find him.
  3. It's a shame Kenny had to shift to the center because he was looking pretty good the first quarter of the game.
  4. I've felt the same way. As much as I love Everton and football in general, I wasn't really eager to see it in its current state. It always made sense to me to just scrap it all together; that would've allowed for even better planning and safer protocol for 20/21...although I suppose rushing and making a bunch of mistakes in quick succession is a means of learning too.
  5. Thanks for mentioning this Matt. Biden is most certainly opportunistic. He's been pandering to Black voters since he was in the White House and from my perspective his appointment as a VP was an effort to bring more moderate white voters over to the Obama campaign. Biden is a liberal good ol boy; but once again the lesser of two evils in a political race. He's riding his proximity to Obama//blackness in the same way that de Blasio used his family as talking points during his mayoral campaign or the way Bloomberg tried to downplay his very intentional implementation of stop & frisk
  6. If only San Francisco had any of that anymore! Not sure when you last visited but it’s all tech bros now.
  7. I don’t think Pickford makes more mistakes than anyone else and he does have a point about the English media and the national team. I do however think he’s fundamentally immature in terms of how he responds to criticism. The bratty attitude that turned that Newcastle match last season was very much a personality issue. That was a him thing - that’s who he is. Maybe he’s grown a very little bit from that but we just gotta realize these things about his demeanor and be ok with it.
  8. The trainers are indeed Nike Off-White Air Force 1’s. Not my taste, but then again, not much footballers wear ever is... I do think that Tom’s personal style is some of the most genuine and unique. I think Dom is impressed by that and mostly following suit. He buys what he sees while Tom is a bit more intuitive and clever. I work in the arts, not too far from where these pictures were taken (SoHo - I’m a few blocks south in TriBeCa) and often encounter the monied types with no style, lol, so seeing how footballers dress feels commonplace now.
  9. DCL said in his interview that he knew it wasn't his best game, yet he got a goal anyways (knew he shoulda had a second, as well). It seems he's reached that level of balance and maturity in his game where he can still produce for the team regardless of his form. Happy for him and Richy right now.
  10. Obafemi Martins too. Always thought he was fun to watch and I think Kean’s mentioned him as an influence.
  11. I can agree with this - I get it. We'll see. I hope he doesn't go. I'd really like to see him and DCL play together but you may be right about him leaving in Jan.
  12. Sure I get that. Hopefully he responds well to a discussion about it because on the surface it just seems like the type of thing that could really weigh on the psyche of a young player.
  13. The body language was all sorts of negative. They didn’t even acknowledge each other when he went off.
  14. I feel like Kean has been singled out in some unfair ways. That game was already chaotic. It’ll suck if he’s pushed out without given a real chance.
  15. Honestly, all of the PR, marketing and design teams involved with the club can take a breather until we appoint a new manager. I don't care about training videos and icymi clips of away losses.
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