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  1. I think its the loan market or nothing unless someone is sold int he transfer window... I wouldnt want to see moyes soend 2million on some second rate striker, weve had too many of them, again another reason why i think he would look into the loan market being the only reasonable option, but having said that, wheres the decent strikers you can get on a half season loan? Good point Av about the loan rules.
  2. This may well be a blessing in disguise. For me, Rodwell can go, say they offered in the region of 15 - 20m in an ideal world i would take that and say listen Bill, i use all this money on a class striker otherwise am doing one, and see where that gets him, i would be so pissed off if half of a sale went to the debts, wheres the arteta money and others etc because moyes has said he can only go in the loan market in jan. Winds me up writing things because it just reminds me of our awful position
  3. I'm gutted he never made the weight, that would have been one massive fight, there was talk there that since the press conference yesterday, the pay-per-view subscriptions went through the roof! I think if Cleverly retains the belt, there will be a fight between them both sooner rather than later.
  4. For 10 mil based on the fact that this 10 mil can only be placed by selling 1-3 players, i'm also in the NO brigade ... I would look for someone else if we had 10 mil anyway
  5. Stevie "Passed It" Gerrard is out for the season
  6. Yeah theres something not right at the moment, i havent seen him play well, i mean a full game for as long as i can remember, still all the media love linking him with the big boys.. I personally would sell .. Imagine we dont, he turns out shite, well then we will look back at it and say oppurtunity missed .. Flipside he turns out world class, well unfortunately he wont stay with us forever so why not take the money when it comes along, he is knowhere near a first 11 starter when we have a full squad to choose from. I just feel (even though he is young) his awareness and lack of positional
  7. I am doing movember myself, with a few from work.. Fella in work is sorting it out like... Considering it usually takes me a decade to grow one hair, surprisingly not shaved for a couple of days and its coming along.. well.. not nicely, because i dont sort taches but as mentioned it for a valuable cause! Everyone get invloved!
  8. Haha THIS so much!!!! As if moyes would sign him now, come on lads show moysie some repsect!
  9. Me too, pienaar for crouch haha... if we get crouch i won't be able to bear the amount of times we will hoof it, even tho as romey says hes bollocks in the air
  10. Ive always said anichebe will come good for us, i have never doubted his potential at all. Just fed up of people saying he won't make it etc, thats all i ever hear, he will make it, and i can't wait for the day so people choke on there words
  11. It would get rejected? mate, i said i wasnt trying to be funny, i wasnt trying to make a point, i just didnt understand what you meant
  12. I don't want to sound funny here, but in the article it says a £4million bid was rejected, so i dont understand why you wrote that haha Take him or leave him, simply because i think if everyone stays we have a strong enough squad, don't really need him IMO
  13. Sorry to slightly change the topic here but did any of you guys see the fellaini interview, about him being back in training? Get it on evertontv, now that is comedy gold, not only does he start getting angry, there having to tell him to sit back, its like hes a big kid. I love him! haha As for pienaar, yeah sign the contract if you love the guys so much
  14. Would love him to come back and reading sky this morning with the above comments made by landon, i just hope everton put something forward for him
  15. Why Victor? Not only am i a fan of him, but if you were to see the matches he has played so far, he has looked like player capable of coming into our team and playing a big part. Really don't understand people who slate Anichbe. Why do you think Moyes has kept hold of him this long, he knows himself, Victor is capable of shining, and becoming a big player for us. This season is his season to show his doubters what he can do. Sorry if i sound abrupt but i am a big fan of Vic and always have been, and i can't wait for him to knock it up another level so his doubters are proved wrong
  16. Thats because there english mate...
  17. So your words and french mans words would make Ben Arfa an Overrated Arsehole? Hmm i don't like the sound of him any more!
  18. Now now lads, this thread is about injuries and we have come off the topic slightly here. Yeah bench player at best at this present time, still slightly disappointed to see a young evertonians career come to a standstill though, especially after only just ridding himself of his last injuries. Good luck with your recovery i say
  19. Pienaar would never go to spurs, on our day were a better team, if he left it would be to improve himself at a higher club, ie chelsea etc, spurs are dogshite
  20. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/2010/03/05/chance-of-donovan-stay Theres a chance of him staying according to moysey!
  21. Mike i know your honest in assesments but lets have some belief, on your name, it says waiting for the great leap forward, well where going to take all 15 points and take that great leap into the euro places!!
  22. Can i just say I LOVE DONOVAN!! Hope to god theres some way of him staying here, because hes a player i love to watch for everton, he makes things happen PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE edit : He also seems to be a top man, his personality and his sudden love for the club and its fans, in this modern era, is unheard of.
  23. I value everyones opinion, but on this saha / beckford. Its saha all day long without a shadow of a doubt. We dont even know if beckford can cut it in the championship, let alone the premiership. Saha is sheer quality when hes on his game, up there with the best strikers in the prem when hes on fire. I hope we sign donovan too.. Bill.. Donovan wernt too bad against wigan to be honest. He made some good runs, always looked to attack, and actually linked play up nicely at times, either with a pass or coming inside showing a few skills, he seems also, a big game player, which will bode well
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