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  1. We can only hope Man U sell him, the Glazers are Hero's an need to continue borrowing mills from Man U, Wonder if they will loan me some cash. Maybe we can loan the money off them to buy him
  2. Is this Fifa 10 any good then? i havn't played a Fifa for years but thinking of picking this one up. Is it worth it?
  3. Bloody hell for 12 pound i'd buy him for Everton
  4. Double Dragon and TMNT rocked. Can anyone remember the name of the game, where you could be Freddy Kruger, was an arcade game about 20 years ago. Like streets of rage
  5. Seems Villa like paying over the odds for players, 10mil for Downing and 8mil for Delph, glad we didn't waste that on either of them
  6. depends how much they want for him, after all he is a 3rd devision player(in old terms). an there no guarantee he can cut it in the prem
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1202337/Leeds-boss-Simon-Grayson-warns-Aston-Villa-Everton-Spurs-Fabian-Delph-wont-leave-Elland-Road-cheap.html
  8. do u think moyes is considering this as his current team? Howard Neville Jags ??? Bains Osman Cahill Arteta DEFMID Pienaar Yak
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