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  1. Even Linderoth played some blinders in the yellow top 😂
  2. Id say that at least one of Man Utds goals was stopable and he is not acting with the cinfidence that im used to. Look at him in the national team. Much more confident. He will improve, I actually think all of you would prefer him over Pickford if he showed the same confidence as he does in the national team. Unfortunatly I dont think there is enough time left for that.
  3. They are good at different things but yes, I would usually prefer Olsen. He needs some confidence though. I do not recognise him at the moment.
  4. A few games in and you have already made your mind up. I know better than to try and change your minds and im not defending the guy because im Swedish but because ive seen him play more than youve had wanks so far in 2021. Olsen is a good keeper. Deffo good enough for Everton, deffo good enough for the PL.
  5. Ill stay optimistic but is this really the best we could get?
  6. Where are we at with this. Is it happening or not?
  7. Well im relieved. Thats all I can say right now. Good to get a point.
  8. I think Liverpool will fold now. Come on Everton!
  9. That link required me to add my credit card details. Not doing that lol
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