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  1. Whilst I get the frustration, rolling heads so quickly is what got us into this mess in the first place. I'm expecting next season as stabilisation too, this season was more a first step towards that but injuries have put us back in the planning a bit whilst also highlighting the key issues. Patience is an absolute must for the next 18 months at least, it really will take that long to recover from Walsh, Fat Sam, Koeman and Silva etc...
  2. That plus he injures himself and others around him in a blue shirt. Definition of the word liability
  3. I'm assuming a back 4 with Digne and Coleman as FBs, Godfrey and Holgate ahead of them with Siggy on the left, Richarlison leading the line and James on the right
  4. "Team" News us a stretch. Fully expect us to win by 5 now and all the premature whining can be put in the bin
  5. Masks optional too it seems
  6. Haller too. Didn't they pay £40m for him then sell for half price a year later?
  7. Not sure what his short size has to do with anything, but the wages are less than Tosun and he's done about as much so nothing to complain about there either
  8. Could've also been Man United wouldn't consider any option from a potential rival, which Wham weren't at the time. There's so many if, buts and maybes here it's pointless discussing
  9. 180 days/ 6 months sober today mate. So if that can happen, King can score a goal 😉
  10. Even the £5m fee was "up to £5m" implying had to to win something/qualify for CL or EL. If he scores in the last game of the season and that gets us into either of the European competitions, he'll have paid his worth and we can go our separate ways. The fact that Lingaard has had a couple of decent games in 7 seasons or whatever it is utterly irrelevant to us and Brands. Any suggestion otherwise is twaddle.
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