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  1. Certainly don't want Mason crucified for a bad performance.
  2. I agree. Certainly not in this country.
  3. Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up tomorrow morning, see us on 49 points, watch the highlights of a convincing 4-0 win, Richarlison and DCL grabbing a brace, and looking forward to the Brighton game? I mean, just for once, couldn't that please happen?
  4. Indeed. A man quite prepared to believe a doctrine of cruel, hypocritical nonsense practises what he preaches in politics.
  5. Don't mention this too loudly near @MikeO - he might think LH is on the way!
  6. Agreed! He looks like a farmer trying to lop some weeds down out there.
  7. You'd think they'd acclimatised to the subcontinent spin by now, so I put it down more to application and patience, which the white ball game has rather drummed out of them all, bar Root.
  8. I felt a bit of a lump in my throat when I heard the news. Memories of Bootle docks in the 70's, the ships from all over the world, looking out at them as a kid. Who would have thought we would be where we are now? The whole history of the club is about to get a new, exciting chapter. I genuinely think the tides of fortune are changing on Merseyside and a new wind blows us on a course to better times. A great manager in place, a team coming together, transfer windows ahead and an absolutely fabulous stadium to play in. Goodison will always be remembered and treasured, but the club feels like i
  9. Used to quite like Klopp - but managing there has changed him as a person. Very unlikeable now. On the game, what a special performance - a treasured Everton memory already. Favourite moment was seeing DCL and Richarlison flying forward at the end. Electric pace and power. We need to see more of that now. Let's hope for an equally electric RW in the summer.
  10. I think, if it had been a player of lesser ability and they had been complaining about the weather and wanted out, then everyone would be bringing their wages up and that they should be bloody lucky to playing for Everton etc. So, James would be getting a pass (which he would probably quite like on the field) merely for being a much better footballer. I'm presuming he was sold the project by Ancelotti beforehand and, at 29, knew what he was coming to. If he took a wage cut, great (I think he wanted to leave Madrid, though), but I don't think we need to be grateful for that. The deal would have
  11. No idea if the rumours are true but I don't blame him, if they are. I don't like the UK weather! More particularly, I don't like the Manchester weather. I would also really, really like to spend some time with friends in Madrid, or Barcelona. However, he is on £140000 per week, which I'm not - so he should pipe down and get on playing. Plenty of other great players / managers come to the North-west and embrace the culture, Ancelotti included by all accounts. Let's see more of that from him.
  12. A major problem here, there and everywhere. I wonder how many of the seven will be re-elected to the Republican party? Not many, I bet. A conscience is a rare commodity in politics.
  13. Never one to condone the agricultural side of the game but if there's a 50/50 ball and a chance to scythe down / put the foot in on Fernandes, so be it. He's a great player but he's a little snide, too.
  14. Yes, Roberto thought very highly of him. I think the season before he had a series of hamstring problems. Anyway, can only go on what I saw - I thought there was a good player in there. Without the injuries, maybe he would have shown more of that!
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