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  1. I think point 7 is a nonsense. Most, if not all, top managers expect their players to attack and defend and run till they drop. Did you see Guardiola berating Grealish and Mahrez for not covering against Leipzig? Where's the evidence that Benitez wants a team of plodders? Absolutely none. I think point 9 is a nonsense, too. Top players may be different in terms of technical ability but they need to be integrated into the team. You hint at that in point 8. If a manager doesn't think a player fits into the team, then that player is expendable. I trust Benitez on that. The fact that no big club took James off our hands suggests he had nothing to offer them, either.
  2. Not sure where to put this, but I thought it was very funny. For those not yet married, some very good advice. For those looking back, you can see where you went wrong. Thinking back, the video may contravene the community guidelines (1B), so have withdrawn it.
  3. Don't spoil the pun by an appeal to logic! It's all Greek to me.
  4. Brighton 2-2 Everton Richarlison
  5. I'm rather glad I'd forgotten... till now, of course!
  6. If we'd won that game, we'd have won the title...sigh.
  7. I remember us beating them 4-0 away on the opening day of the season in 1976. The report in the paper next day read 'Latchford Runs Rings Round Runners-up'. I was made up. We beat them 5-1 the year after, too. QPR had a decent team.
  8. Posted February 3, 2019 Still think Demarai Gray would be a good signing. He has quicksilver feet. Only 22. Impressed me every time I have seen him. No idea how to quote one topic into another (it was in General Weekend/Midweek Football) but glad my impressions weren't wrong. What a super footballer - pace to burn, great balance, great feet. So glad we picked him up.
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