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  1. Not exactly sure how much we are offering pienaar but we should in this case give him parity with arteta .He imo is class on the ball so confident running at people little tricks that way more often then not come off and he is a fine balance of what a player should be hard working and confident on the ball without him we would not be the same team .I know he was languishing in the bundesliga when we signed him and we gave him a chance to ressurect his career and for that he should be willing to take what we offer but i fear the agent has brainwashed him into holding out for more.As said alrea
  2. Great news hopefully no more lenghty injuries as that would be expensive for us no mention of figures.I think this is actually bad news as far as pienarr is concerned surely arteta would be offered more and the club waited as long as possible to get pienarr to sign before arteta so he could not try and get the same amount im thinking arteta must be getting 65k a week and max we will give pienarr is 50k maybe 55k and prob not for 5 years .
  3. Seemingly he is an arsenal supporter city fans are none to pleased one of there forums has racked up 900 posts since yesterday alot saying they want rid .
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