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  1. Chelsea have really fallen off a cliff of late. The two goals they conceded today were so avoidable. So sloppy for the corner and then for the second Rudiger was more interested in Vardy than the ball and James didn't fancy running with Maddison. I think the 4 best performing teams are Leicester, City, United and Liverpool and Spurs are probably next but only really because of the fire power they have and Southampton are a very good team albeit one that is light on quality. Chelsea quickly need to find their way again and if they do they will string wins together. Where Arsenal will
  2. Dismissed by the club according to Myers.
  3. The countries in Europe are much of a muchness especially when compared by population. We haven't done anything particularly different to our neighbours. Ireland is now has the highest infection rate in the world. You cannot seriously compare Japan, Korea, Oz etc to us. Its like comparing apples to a watermelon. I hope you can see that. The SAGE notes are there to see. It wasnt a decision of capitalism over death, they plotted the best course they thought at the time with the limited information they had available. Again the notes show that certain members of the government wanted
  4. So that worked well for the Irish then as well as for the rest of Europe!? You have basically just supported what I have said and today's announcement about cases being present earlier in the year supports that. It was already widespread here when the opportunity you claim arised. The WHO were still saying in January that there was no human to human transmission. On the 3rd March 2020 WHO said that the transmission was not driven by asymptomatic people in the same way influenza was, I.e. if those with symptoms self isolate then the disease won't spread. We know that isn't the case anymor
  5. I am a big fan of Walker-Peters. He has a level of composure you rarely see in young players. With Lamptey, I think he largely plays as a wing back in an attacking team so the talents he is showing now (when he isnt injured) aren't necessarily ones he would be able to show the same way with us. I would like to see more of him.
  6. That was because it was already too widespread here to make it successful. By the time we found out Italy had the disease as such a high level we had already had a significant amount of people travelling too and from that area, especially around the February half time. What is mind boggling now, looking back in hindsight to an extent, is that we were actively encouraged for a time to travel in the summer and none of these measures were brought in at that point. Scotland had managed to rid itself of the original virus in the summer only for it to become re-imported due to people trave
  7. It is mad this season. Bar those early games I haven't really watched us play and thought we looked like a good side and yet somehow we are in there pitching. I think Leicester are a better side that us but I thought that last time when we beat them too. Big game!
  8. I think it is more about how it looks. Perception is everything. Reality doesn't matter!
  9. Couldn't agree more. I think it has been a bit odd watching him in his older years too, the shell of the player we saw when he burst onto the scene. I can't really see him being a good manager either but time will tell.
  10. Wigan were never going to win the league. Winning the FA Cup with them was a minor miracle. Leicester arent a powerhouse either. They have upped their game for sure, but a couple of bad seasons or a bad managerial appointment and they are back in the doldrums again.
  11. This! By all accounts Cenk is available to the highest bidder and given that Siggy played and Simms didn't make the bench, it suggests that he isn't expected to make the step into the first team (yet). It leaves us very short! I agree that I they will probably sign someone if the opportunity arises but if you think that other chairmen and agents aren't that naive to think it would change how they do business with us. If anything it is just a PR exercise of managing fan expectations IMO.
  12. No none of the vaccines we have affect transmission (as far as they know, tests are ongoing). The study results that came out today eveb suggested that you could even still transmit the virus if you have had it before too. Still a long way to go!
  13. Whaaat!? I guess we get a lot of money from TV so we have to take it on the chin but that is going to cause us problems. Hopefully Allan will be able to get back to fitness and we might even see Gbamin at least get a few minutes at the end of games to help us see out those 5 nil wins.
  14. I think the Rotherham game might have given Carlo no choice but to go in stronger.
  15. https://www.espn.co.uk/nfl/story/_/id/30637133/cleveland-browns-close-facility-3rd-4-days-another-positive-covid-19-test https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2021/1/10/22223696/browns-covid-steelers-playoff-out-list-joel-bitonio There have been enough breakouts in world sport to know that it isn't a straight forward task. They don't close down the facility after one or two testing positive because that would be an over-reaction. They monitor the situation to see if it develops. When the next round of testing takes place, then you are able to see the impact. The training ground can then
  16. I don't think it is. If the players that are positive are asymptomatic they will only know they have the virus after a positive test. They could have infected lots of people in that time between tests. Add in false negative tests and that there can be a delay between getting the virus and then testing positive forward if you get the virus it can get to a lot of people in a short space of time. After reading a couple of articles, the 10 days you referred to ends on Sunday. It is something that could happen to any club and I wouldn't want Everton to be punished in the same circ
  17. Aston Villa P - P Everton None đŸ˜‚
  18. I think it depends on whether they have the outbreak at the club under control. From what I have read, it doesnt sound like it and therefore its likely to be off.
  19. Interestingly Keane said they didn't work on the changes in training and the line-up was only announced a couple of hours before the game. I'm not sure that side really could have played another way withall the square pegs.
  20. I still think he goes hot and cold but his hot is a lot hotter and his cold is now much more irregular and mild. It was only a few days ago that he put in a bit of a stinker against Rotherham until Mina came on. Him and Mina are by far our best centre back pairing though and lets hope they both stay fit.
  21. DCL v West Ham (79 Mins) 31 touches 4 losses of possession 1 Interception 0 key passes 21 passes with a 66.7% accuracy. DCL v Sheff Utd (90 Mins) 39 touches 3 losses of possession 0 interceptions 1 key pass 24 passes with an accuracy of 75% DCL v Man Utd (90 Mins) 31 touches 5 losses of possession 0 interceptions 0 key passes 21 passes with an accuracy of 71.54% This suggests that from a statistical point of view that he performed as adeptly as DCL in the metrics
  22. I think they are one of the worst sides in the league. I am amazed they have picked up so many points.
  23. He looked a different player when hooking up with James repeatedly tonight.
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