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  1. He has had 2 fit seasons in the Premier League and in one of them he scored 11 goals for a recently promoted Burnley and 22 goals for Soton. In his previously fully fit season he scored over 20 goals in the Championship. I don't think he was properly fit last season after an early injury and yet he still chipped in with 12 goals. His all round play is also very good. If you put a fit Danny Ings into half decent side and he will score a decent amount of goals. Fit and healthy, he would be our starting striker. Far better footballer and finisher than Dom, just not the athlete he is.
  2. If he stays fit, Ings will score goals. Not quite sure how they will fit him and Watkins into the same side without weakening one of their games.
  3. I haven't seen anything from the club to say whether or not the finalists are back in training yet but I think they probably should be. Kane was expected back at Spurs on Monday so I suspect they are. I would be surprised if they play though as it would be quite a short turn around.
  4. It is a tough one this as I don't think there would ever be a good time to withdraw. You could be there for 100 years and there would be no guarantee of a stable government. It will just descend in to chaos again, and no doubt result in even more resentment for the West for leaving high and dry.
  5. I heard that on commentary too. I can only presume Russell stopped before his fuel went below the minimum level required.
  6. I am very surprised that the marquee signings of Townsend and Gray didn't tempt him to come to the club.
  7. 😂 I am two footed in that I am equally as bad with both
  8. Anyone watch the Lions at the weekend? South Africa were brilliant in that second half and deserved the win. I also thought the yellow for Kolbe was the right decision. Clearly only had eyes for the ball but at the same time, he should have been more aware of what was happening. It was never a red card IMO.
  9. Their battle was mesmerising. The difference between where he put the car and how Sainz defended Hamilton were chalk and cheese. He is still a master and it was great to see his reaction after the race too. He celebrated the result as if he had won. You don't see that very often in F1!
  10. 🤣 I am slightly received we haven't signed him. I would start getting a complex when people post that Bailey has no stamina, is bad in the box and keeps missing the target!
  11. Seems to be confirmed now (unofficially).
  12. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but it doesn't sound like he feels as though he is wanted here and I don't get the impression he is too bothered about staying either.
  13. I think you underestimate the toffee talent spotters on these type of forums across the world. Beni was a star and should have been starting ahead of every midfielder we have had at the club in the last 3 years. As he wasnt getting any game time that his talent has deserved he has now sealed his big money move to one of Europes elite clubs... Hearts... for the cost of his contract.
  14. I don't think he does. Well actually that isnt true, he can contribute in the 10 role to the team shape but more often than not he doesnt. If he plays 10 he will leave us 3 v 2 in centre midfield. Ancellotti played him as more of a second striker, whereas I expect Benitez will want more energy and defensive responsibility from his 10, which is more of an advanced midfielder. We saw it the other day, albeit wide. He lost the ball in the centre of the pitch, they countered but it was slowed down by our other players and then they moved it to Kenny's side, created a 2 v 1 down the right and James was walking back. I don't think that is acceptable at this level of football. I don't think it is acceptable in 5 a side either FWIW.
  15. I get the comments about James being our best player and that he should just focus on attacking but if Man City, Liverpool, Utd, Chelsea cannot afford to have someone shirking their defensive responsibilities then how can we? The other point is that when James cant be bothered to chip in, the other side have an overload. It could be wide, it could be in midfield. If they have an overload, it is easier for them to keep the ball. If they have more of the ball, it reduces James' impact as an attacking footballer and exposes his defensive ability. It also means he is more likely to be on the ball in his own half rather than where he can do real damage. If we want to get the most out of James, we needs to have lots of the ball and to be able to pin them in their half and sustain regular attacks. If we can do that then start him every game. If we cant, then I think he has to be viewed as an option rather than the first name on the teamsheet.
  16. I think an exciting 55 seconds is plenty
  17. That is true, Mahrez is similar as well, but they are exceptional footballers. Even the biggest supporters of Gray do not think he is that good. I am not sure about Robben, but Mahrez is capable on his other foot. Gray was taking touches with his right foot when it was far more awkward to do so which means he is more off balance and generally has less reach. The advantage he gains with that pace can be lost because he doesn't want to use his left foot. As a defender, if I work out a player is one footed, it doesn't matter how quick or technical they are, I know they can be stopped or at least significantly restricted in what they can do through positioning and showing them the way they least want to go. The league is also very defensive on the whole so whilst I am sure he will be fine in open games like he was against the two South American sides, it will be very different when he is cutting inside into banks of 4 in the league.
  18. Finally watched the game. I thought the shape of the side, the press and our compactness was much better than the start of the other game. They were a crap side, but we made them look bad and that is progress. The formation was slightly different in the second half and it worked well to start with but as the energy levels dropped we started to concede possession and some half chances. As for the players the main person to impress me was Iwobi. Worked hard, linked the play really well and should have capped his performance with a goal at the end. Broadhead showed some glimpses again. I have been really surprised by him. It is just that final bit of quality that he hasn't proven yet but he is doing the simple stuff and that led to chances for Gordon and Doucoure. If I am honest I think he has shown more than Kean. There isn't a lot between them. Gordon showed similar promise again, but also lacked the quality to finish things off. Allan was playing really well as the single pivot until he got a bit sloppy at the end of the game. He was bossing the game before that but it is becoming a theme with him that the longer the half goes on the worse he gets. As for the new boys, Begovic was solid enough with the little he had to do. Townsend was poor and not really involved. Gray played well but he is so one footed and it will be predictable against decent players. His first touch and ability to accelerate is very good. There were a few poor players. Davies and Gomes were crap. James was terrible when he came on too. It felt like he gave the ball away with every touch for at least 10 minutes. He did get better as the game went on and should have scored. I still haven't seen anything to say Kenny is even at Coleman's current level, let alone the level we need to progress. Overall though I think we are in a better place than we were at the end of last season and lets see how we get on against Utd!
  19. That's it. Any sensible person in his position doesn't go out on the lash, get so pissed he falls asleep fully clothed (saving grace) ending up in some birds hotel room. I imagine he had a great night but he isnt meant to have a good time anymore, he is married and has kids! 😂
  20. I just did a little research on these lot tonight and Milionairos. According to Transfermarkt they have a combined squad value of around £44mil. Our squad value is £400mil more than that!
  21. Haha yeh that one too! 😳
  22. There will be links on Twitter for the game. It is also being repeated tomorrow at 9.30 on Freesports (Sky 422?)
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