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  1. This game plan has been the game for a fair while even with Allan and Doucoure in the team and I am not convinced it would have been the difference between the two teams tonight. I thought Davies and Gomes did OK in patches, they certainly weren't dreadful, but they were overrun quite a lot. When Leicester broke our initial press as they did in the first 10 and most of the second half, even Kante would struggle to keep a hold of the game. It's clear as day the two players missing would have improved us, and that in turn may have changed the way we played, but I don't think they wou
  2. Keane just about edged it for me too, ahead of Mina and James. I thought James got through a lot of dirty work tonight too.
  3. This is all that needs to be said really. Could have gone either way at the end but that second half reminded me of a Moyes type performance.
  4. To be fair to Gomes that was awkward but he is capable of controlling that.
  5. Wow... massive let off. Keane is very lucky to get that block in as he left Maddison all alone. That was the best chance of the game.
  6. Oh Dom, must get that on target. Best chance of the game.
  7. Mina with a great header to make sure Pickford didn't drop it into his own net again.
  8. That missed chance has summed up Richarlison in this game.
  9. Ah James FFS get it on target. Useless with his left. 😂
  10. Argghhh... I thought DCL should have got something on that ahead of the defender.
  11. Wow... terrible. It's that close to him he could get a leg to it. Deserved goal though.
  12. Godfrey is getting tested now. Good work from Keane and Mina to cover.
  13. Mina shouldn't have let Perez through there.
  14. That was on the edge. Couple great touches to stop a pass getting through (Davies) and then Justin missing a good chance.
  15. Really impressed with that in the end. Everyone is at it and whilst it might not be pretty, it's everything I want to see from an Everton side. I think they will come out a better side in the second half and I would expect Iheanacho to get on the pitch pretty soon but if we play like we did at the end of the half it won't matter.
  16. Big bonus for us, he has been great so far in this game!
  17. The pressing from us in this game after the first 10-15 minutes has been some of the best I have seen from us. We have really narrowed the spaces between the lines and we are really quick to get out when someone does get through.
  18. Oooff what a finish! He started celebrating as soon as it left his foot!
  19. That was a great interception from Keane. He looked through.
  20. There is definitely an intensity about us and this game generally. It makes a change compared to the important games that we usually roll over in.
  21. It is so easy for them to play through the thirds. There is no midfield but it is also disjointed between our three lines of defence.
  22. They didn't just win, we barely laid a glove on them despite going ahead. Me too. They are by no means the finished article and they are still at least a centre back short but they look like a team these days rather than just individuals. Whilst they are set up to play on the counter, they are now creating chances against crap sides too.
  23. It feels like this game will play out like the Wolves game. Leicester will be making the running and we will be trying to take our, probably minimal, chances. Even without Vardy, I think this is a much more balanced Leicester side we are up against with Ndidi back in midfield and Maddison starting.
  24. That would be a telling blow to Rooney's managerial career. Imagine playing alongside Niasse and trying to sign him!
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