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  1. McCarthy should be telling O'Neill he is not fit and anywhere near ready to play football though, but i do agree that im not really sure what the Irish think they are playing at when it comes to him, they are going to ruin his career if not careful.
  2. I thought Pickford looked really good today
  3. Sorry i was trying to cook and type at the same time, i did not even check it tbh, changed it now though
  4. Rooney 1-0, hopefully that gives us the kick up the arse needed
  5. That was under his tenure when we had absolutly no money whatsoever, under Moshiri we should (in theory) be getting our targets as we have been told the manager has money to spend. If Bill starts coming out with that nonsense again i can see some of the fans not being too happy tbh.
  6. I hate all this rubbish about how we will miss Roms goals and if they are not replaced it is like we will fail to exist anymore. Just look at the other lot across the park, they have probably the best forward line in the league at the moment and they don't have a 20+ goal a season striker, it's just not Klopps type of game. There are other ways of lining a team up. Some of these journo's just write such utter bollocks at times.
  7. I know, are we really that short on players to come in? also we have 2 RB on the bench and are playing a CB at RB, has Koeman got that little confidence in them, because he brought Martina in only the other week, if he's that bad then Ronald needs to have a look at himself imo.
  8. Under the current regime he is part of it though, Ross has not been involved with England for a long time.
  9. I feel the same mate, but also Lennon has had a shit time of things recently and deserves whatever he feels is best for him and his future.
  10. Some interest from Watford by all accounts. A fresh start might be good for him, but it would leave us without much in the way of backup.
  11. Baxter was rated as being better than Rooney at one point but he decided he would rather play 'Im a Celebrity Gangster Get Me Out of Here' instead, biggest waste of a career ever.
  12. No thanks, heard this bloke mentioned on the radio the other day as Southampton have been linked also and the general advice given was to avoid him as he is not very good by all accounts.
  13. Tbh it's a typical response from that lot because they have not got what they want. They think that they are the greatest club ever and can't understand how a player won't be playing for them. They seem to forget though that Leipzig is owned by Red Bull and they have more money than Liverpool will ever have so don't need to sell the player. Seriously need to grow the fuck up!!
  14. It does make sense if you speak to a Chelsea fan though, Matic tends to be really good or really average and Conte wants people who he can steadily rely on, that's not Matic, he goes from having a 5 one week to having a 9 the next week and Conte wants a steady 7, that is how my mate summed it up.
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