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  1. We always lift for this one, Doesnt matter the 11 names on the sheet. I expect whatever the 11 to run thru brick walls. COYB.
  2. Pat


    Aye cheers chap's, all wishes warmly apreciated. Been doing some work away from home ( Backbone of the economy) , just got in before Easter, so no TT avoidance etc 1st real oppo to swing buy & say howdy . So howdy Blues gone 2 shiote since I been away from home, hoping my return may be an omen & restoke the fires. ( havent seen a game for a month been out in the sticks)
  3. Mike & lost folk - I wanna no what happened to the others?. No not the others, but the other others, dewd that was a bit Michael Crarradine Grashopper like & he n friends thought Lock was a messiah ? Off boiling mushrooms in the forest perhaps ? Also what became of the Bears & the puff of smoke freeky thing ? Moving ahead....>ANy theories on Kate's Baby ? And Said's Mission to assaninate the world whilst working for his great friend Ben ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Havent seen Transformers, Isnt Sucre in it...what became of Michael & Lincoln then ?
  4. Pat


    Bizzare, Ive just read my Pack & it doesnt give any Info. Im Smokin an Oz Brand called Horizon ( they come in 50 packs) Used to read 16Mg's & be called Virginia , also had the the Tar part too, Since scary pics on packet's theyve rebranded as Horizon Red. SO I figure they are still 16mg but I wouldnt no. Taste same, feel same etc. Plenty of info on spotted lung & the 40 other cancers ill get. But no specs on the suckers im drawin .
  5. Vaughan's from the Midlands. 1 Villa & the others Obv Missed.
  6. We are on track for our highest ever points finish since the league became the Premier. Best to date is 61 pts -> In both 95/96 (6th) & 04/05 (4th) We currently have 50 with 11 matches to play. 12 points from 33 is not only feasible but double that is near a must. A great finish & to pull fourth place this season will need to see us SMASH our previous record. COYB.
  7. Watched a cple this week There Will Be Blood, was pretty good. DDL is top shelf We Own The Night also wasnt bad, Phoenix/Whalberg/Duvall, some reviewrs say better than the Departed. I disagree, but stilla decent film in its own right. Might look @ this Lions for Lambs tonight.
  8. Nope, watched a match on weekend, La Galaxy V FC Sydney, played on art pitch. The Bounce was still very unatural, & the ground speed was much the same.
  9. Austin's New kit revealed...!!!
  10. Do u think 6 months away, 20 0dd full lower div games say from the start of next seez , bee benificial 4 Vaughan ? Did wonders 4 Ozzy.
  11. Rosenborg 0 V 1 Fiorentina - (Mutu16) As expected, gone to pedigree.
  12. Hang in there Adam & keep us posted mate
  13. Fish will only open his purse if its @ the Loop site & is Named the " FISH BOWL " I kind'a like that
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