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  1. Silva was the Hull manager when they loaned Niasse so he has worked with him before. He will do for now as much more important areas we need to be spending money on
  2. What happens if Man Utd finish top 4 but also win the Europa league, does that offer the extra champs league place to 5th?
  3. He is the breel deal this kid. His energy could be infectious
  4. I can see the difference but to me coleman is a key player and important if we are building something or at least trying to build something
  5. We can't sell him, not if martinez has sold the dream to stones. It just gives the wrong message, we arent a selling club but go on we will flog arguably the best right back in the prem
  6. He can play no doubt about that. I think he would be an excellent addition and a good replacement if Stones does go. He is ready for that step up and whilst he has the capacity for a mistake or two he will learn and is a work in progress.
  7. Apparently Adem Ljajic is leaving Roma for Aston Villa so might create a need for Roma to sign him
  8. I thought his team mate alaverez balanta was the better prospect. Left footed and a bit younger but probably more expensive. I think he will do well for us though
  9. If I had a crystal ball and could see Stones and Jags staying fit all season then I wouldn't want him, he isnt going to improve us and will stand in the way of Galloway, Browning, Holgate getting game time. However if Stones or Jags got a bad one then we would need him but £8mill seems a bit strong for a player out of contract next year and evidently not in the plans of LVG. Would we be prepared to only have 2 established CB's once the window closes? If we could sort something similar to the Barry deal then it could work but would the player want to leave Man Utd to sit on our bench? Perha
  10. I agree. I would like to see him involved more.
  11. No we dont need him. I would have concerns about Besic height to play centre back and thought right back might be more suitable.
  12. Just thought that. Sorry if I have caused any confusion and made myself look like a knobhead into the bargain
  13. That's not what I said. It isn't as black and white as that. Nobody accepts mediocrity and of course I would like to see some changes at the top of the club, I was merely pointing out that things are not that bad and could be considerably worse, granted they could be considerably better and I fully accept that. We might make a few signings in the coming days and all of a sudden the complexion changes again, of course this could go the other way.
  14. Pato is only 25 so his best years ahead of him if he could recapture the form for Milan prior to his hamstring problems. He did manage 44 games for Sao Paulo last season so his injury problems seem behind him
  15. And from that 2% if you are outside of the top 5 then one of them will come and pluck them away from you. I know if you look at our current crop of talented youngsters, Galloway, Stones, and now Holgate we took them from smaller clubs and looked to develop them but once we have done that Chelsea, Man U etc will look to prise them away, aided and abetted by SSN unsettling them.
  16. I would doubt there is an Everton fan anywhere who wouldn't like the board to sell up and us to have a rich benefactor ploughing millions into the club. For every Sheikh Mansour there is a Thaksin Shinawatra and its wise to be careful what you wish for. There is plenty of evidence of the incompetence of Bill Kenwright but he does care, we could get an incompetent who doesn't give a rats ass about the club
  17. Read this earlier today http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/11767170/The-10-best-run-football-clubs-in-the-country.html?frame=3389562 Not sure whether the 1-10 is a rating but we come in at 6 with the Telegraph describing Bill Kenwright as a shrewd chairman
  18. Think the lad might be delighted, I'm delighted for him, everyone is delighted. Spend a bit of the extra cash on a thesaurus James. In all seriousness a great bit of news and now the media can back off trying to tout him to clubs on our behalf
  19. I go to Ashton Gate quite a bit with my missus as she is a big City fan and I have to say I have been impressed with him this season but he isn't really a left back, more a left sided midfielder playing as a wing back at the moment. During his loan spells at Plymouth and Bath City he was played in midfield but if he stays for next season it will be interesting to see how he fares in the championship when a bit more pressure is applied to him defensively, if of course he isn't sold this summer. City will be under no financial pressure to sell and want to keep their best young players so he won'
  20. A big lump but still yet to make an appearance for Bristol Rovers first team. Rovers have a great academy and reputation for producing good young players but I would want to see him make first team appearances before signing him. They have Macey and Conner Grant as good prospects in the keeper department and Macey probably just shades the decision on who is best. Apparently he is just on a week by week contract though which seems odd as he is held in high regard by the Rovers
  21. Gave it to Lukaku. Coleman was immense and kept Ben Arfa quiet and this was Newcastles only outlet first half - thought Mirallas helped him out quite well. Mcarthy and Barry both did their jobs well and it was defo Mcarthys best performance thus far and hope he can build on it
  22. Sorry if I put this in the wrong section but what is with this guy. If your read his column in the Daily Fascist today it will make your blood boil. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2430335/David-Moyes-got-tactics-wrong-Manchester-derby--Adrian-Durham.html#readerCommentsCommand-message-field Moyes may have got away with it at Everton? Why? Because we are plucky, skint Everton who overlook tactical ineptitude, we can turn a blind eye to a failing tactical system? Still asserting we will struggle this season because Baines cant bang in free kicks every week and Lukak
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