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  1. Err, if he was trying to imply we were the outsiders, then your use of the word 'ahead' is just as stupid as his.
  2. Do you even understand odds, or are you just on a wind up?
  3. In what bookies, like? Got a source? These are the odds at Paddy Power. Bayern Munich 11/8 Chelsea 2/1 PSG 4/1 Manchester City 11/1 Everton 14/1
  4. The point is, many posters on this forum have had it in for Moyes for a very long time. I'm not excited, I'm gutted!!! Just like I was gutted when Kendall mk1 left, When Lineker left and when Rooney left. But hey ho, it shouldn't be too hard to find a manager who is better than one Fergie deems good enough to succeed him at Man Utd. LOL.
  5. How the hell can anybody be excited? Moyes is a top, top manager, or as fergie described him a few months back "a first class manager." It's pretty obvious that Fergie will have had a big say in who is replacement was. I guess he doesn't know as much about footy/management as some fantasy footy managers on an internet forum. LOL.
  6. Adam Bennett ‏@adbennoEFC @TyrrellPaul Hi Paul, why is our home kit preorder 42 days after LFC released theirs? A club that's skint always messing up simple marketing Paul Tyrrell @TyrrellPaul@ adbennoEFC it is not messed up. With the world's biggest sportswear manufacturer you have to take your place in the queue. With a lower level brand, you can dictate... _______________________________________________________ I've seen a lot of people complaining about marketing (not on here.) However, I couldn't give a toss about marketing - that's Nike's problem, we get a set fee from kitbag regardless of sales.
  7. I asked a question in the thread title. Obviously I'm not viewing my personal opinion of the site owner as gospel. I've had 3 accts :sniggers: brett angells left foot. Got banned when he told me to pipe down, for sticking up for Moyes - to which I replied "why what are you gonna do? Ban me?......LOL.. Got a temp ban. Second acct. I was Chaser. Got banned after somebody said "we all know you want to be the the top dog on here" to which I replied "Nah, already been banned once, goodbye and lots of love from Brett Angells Left Foot" My most recent acct. was Moyes Is The Man. Got banned apparently for swearing in every post, which is ironic seeing as 'swearing' is totally acceptable if you change the fucken spelling.
  8. Go read the " 'ITK' 'Source' 'conmen' " thread and offer opinions. The site owner is a cock. i have my own stories to tell about him (I've been banned three times) .
  9. Jersus christ. This place is even worse than the last one I left. Bad little clique of Moyes bashers going on here. No need to reply, I'm gone. Adios. COYB.
  10. Because there's loads of quality young players available for free in September?
  11. I've noticed on other sites that people are calling the deal an embarrasment amongst other things. Am I the only one who thinks this is an overreaction? Okay, he's no world beater, and it's safe to assume he won't ever be chased by Barcelona. But before he was injured he was a proven premier league player. We got him for feck all, and in all fairness, I highly doubt this deal would have happened if Davey had money to spend in the summer. So yeah, whilst it was never a signing to get people excited [to put it mildly] it's not as if Moyes went out and signed Joe Bloggs from Marine AFC. He's an international footballer with years of EPL experience who happened to be available for free outside of the transfer window.
  12. So you think the internet is full of genuine people? Wake up! it's the biggest shit filled, fraudulent agenda place known to mankind. Or are you gonna tell me you believe everything you read on the internet?
  13. I'm not gonna accuse any sites, or any posters, but if anybody thinks there's not at least 3 kopites who have managed to pass themselves off as blues on EFC boards/forums, then they are delusional; it happens [especially with unemployed people.] I see more reds on a daily basis in the 'real world' who say we'd be "fucked without Moyes" than I see internet blues expressing the same sentiment. Coincidence? Or has broadband/smart phones just elevated [in their own minds] the 'radio phone in brigade.'?
  14. There's hundreds (probably thousands) of people who post comments about our club/manager on the interweb. It's inconceivable to think some of them are not kopites shit stirring.
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