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  1. A true Legend of the club & a true Evertonian. Sad day.
  2. Come on blue boys pinch one please!?!?
  3. Hate fuckin Derby day. Having to wait till the late kick off makes it even worse. Can't eat as my stomaches in knots but drinking doesn't seem to be a problem.Gonna be twatted by the time it kicks off. COYB's!!!
  4. Kev. I absolutely love him when he's at it but want to twat him when he wanders around the pitch like he'd rather be somewhere else.
  5. he's been spinning that line about the kids since he arrived. In reality with Garbutt possibly the exception, none of them have had a sniff. It'll be Barkley, Naisy, Rom & Kone on the wings before we see any youngsters given a go imo.
  6. Fuck no! Hardly the creative midfielder we are crying out for is he? And he's shit.
  7. Just make sure he knows the wages on offer are before tax is deducted!
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