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  1. Anyone else clock the guy next him sneezing about 1minute into that interview video? 🤧😷👑🐛🙄😆
  2. Can anyone point me to a full list of pre-season fixtures? I can't even find it on the official site. Edit: Found it on there FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Everton/events
  3. waiting for the thread to change to "Sam Allardyce Ex-Everton FC Manager" or for it to disappear completely to the General Football topic. 😠
  4. Saw on the highlights that he came on for the last 6 minutes or so. Anyone shed on light on how he did in what little time he had on the pitch?
  5. The fact that this thread is still empty and with no votes says it all.
  6. Yeah, I get that - it's just that as I mentioned the title of the thread is the most obvious place to click and for it to work in such a way that it takes you to the first post on the first page, is rather useless. I suspect that the default place people want to go to is the last page. I imagine that very few, or otherwise very rarely, do people want to go to the first page of the thread. So, the biggest link into the page should logically thinking take you where most people want to go. I'll add that the circle/star disappears if the forum is already read. I know you can click on the last
  7. Is it possible that when you click on the topic/thread title (eg. "Ross Barkley") it takes you to the last read, or at least the last page of the thread - at the moment it takes you to the first post on the first page. The largest link to click is the name of the thread, and that naturally should be the most convenient. Being taken to the first post of a 5000+post/99page thread, especially as a logged in user, is a little annoying. (Tested on mobile+android+chrome and laptop+windows 10+chrome) Aside from that, the site looks and works great.
  8. Yeah, my frustration is with the powers that be at respective clubs that they haven't sorted this out yet. Hopefully it'll be properly sorted the on the morrow and we can move on. The title of this thread has been so spot on at times.
  9. Why isn't this done yet? Utd have already tweeted. TV interview also done already. Can we please just dump this thread to the wasteland. I keep checking it hoping to see it's all done and dusted, but in all honesty I'm sick of reading it.
  10. This guy must be ITK https://twitter.com/fizzer18/status/771062671059853312
  11. Just come off with 15 minutes to go, must have a taxi booked to finch farm for straight after the match.
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