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  1. I think he's an important player for us as long as he stays fit. If real Madrid do want him though I'd imagine he'd be off, probably for a similar fee we paid for him.
  2. Looks good but so did Robson Kanu in the last Euro's.
  3. You'd be wanting a say on who is managing your business if you owned one / was the chairman. Plus we don't know the level of truth in anything that's being written. Blues are losing their heads because there's nobody been appointed yet. Twitter has been embarrassing recently. There's no rush. Euro's are on so nothing in the way of transfers, plus coaches will possibly be available after teams are knocked out. I'd put money on the manager we get isn't in the bookies top 10 favourites right now.
  4. I don't even care who we get anymore, that's how arsed I am about the realistic candidates. Rafa I think will be more suited to most options. I'd rather us gamble on a young upcoming manager, but Rafa probably has the best CV out of the bunch. Someone mentioned in a previous post about the fan base being split, forgive me I cannot be bothered to look back to see who it was. Whatever manager we employ the fan base will be split. The club can't please everyone. I just wonder if we're waiting for the Euro's to finish.
  5. Yeah if anything it probably makes it more difficult for us đŸ˜‚
  6. Don't even read what the Echo have to say anymore. Their articles are embarrassingly incorrect most of the time.
  7. Think I read somewhere it should be done Wednesday. The sooner the better we really need to start the process of bringing players in. Wonder if Mendes has been in touch with Farhad about his available players already. He's got a few we could be interested in on his list. His players include André Silva, Guedes, Renato Sanchez, Ruben Neves (who should leave Wolves this window), Pedro Neto. Di Maria has one year left of his contract, or maybe a loan move for Trincäo from Barcelona would be on the cards?
  8. For me the best route he can take is taking an interim role and being made permanent. We change managers so often, I'd imagine if he impressed on his next turn and there were no big names who wanted to manage Everton, he would have a year to show what he can do. Plus I doubt Ferguson would want to leave Everton under any circumstances.
  9. I hope they consider a manager who is forward thinking and innovative. I hope they dont take the average Everton fans opinion too far into consideration though đŸ™„
  10. I'm unsure on why so many people are dead set on him not having the ability to be our manager. He's worked under a lot of different gaffers, including one of the best as his assistant. He's kick started our form prior to carlo coming in and according to reports, didnt fancy leaving to work under CA at Real Madrid. He has desire, ambition, loyalty and a genuine love for the club like you and I. I also get the impression he's close to the players and they respect him. Saying he hasn't got the ability isn't the truth, we simply don't know if he has or hasn't. Employing him would be a bigger risk than most other names, however we're safe in the fact that he will always have the clubs interests at heart. In his biography he said after he retired 'I'm going to go away and get my badges, and one day I will come back and manage this team'. He already has, but there is no doubt he wants a proper shot at it.
  11. Buendia likely to go to Villa. Huge loss for us he would really improve our team.
  12. Have a look into Brentford's owner and what he's done for them with analytics and stats. Really interesting view on success.
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