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  1. I doubt we will... But maybe we could see Simms on the bench with the absence of Richarlison meaning we have no natural back up for the CF position. Probably play Gordon, Iwobi or James there in that event though.
  2. This. Jordan getting absolutely slammed because thier precious lesbian is out for 6 months.
  3. Absolutely. Seen JP has been getting death threats on twitter... Says it all.
  4. Would love to see all the Liverpool fans buzzing if Pickford got a retrospective ban.... And then see all the Everton fans buzzing too 😂
  5. Weve seen this Liverpool defence without him. He's their most important player IMO.
  6. Rumours going about saying VVD ruptured his ACL and will be looking at 6 months out. No chance those shithouses are winning the league this season if true, especially with Alison out for a month or two.
  7. Yeah saw this too. Allan was at other players at times too, needed those players for a long time
  8. I thought he did what he could. It must have been frustrating for him with Gomes and Richarlison losing possession every time he gave them the ball. Also, thought he worked a lot harder defensively today compared to what we have seen.
  9. He was the only player for us today who looked like he could create something out of nothing. Those 3 or 4 exceptional moments were enough for him to warrent motm for me.
  10. He was happy acting the tough man from minute one against Dom and James, avoided a booking for those challenges too! Im not saying it was deserved... But its hard to feel sorry for him.
  11. I hope Olsen gets his chance to prove that he can take Pickfords spot.
  12. Pickford Godfrey Keane Mina Digne Allan Doucoure Sigurdsson James DCL Iwobi Thats what I'd like to see.
  13. Yeah it's a big gap and could get bigger today.
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