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  1. Kenny does seem destined to spend his career at Burnley. It just feels right.
  2. Hopefully we have a second choice lined up who we can get over the line.
  3. Like when we sold Lukaku? I honestly don't believe that.
  4. How long have you been waiting for the opportunity to crack that one ? 😂
  5. Well it's not going well so far is it? Gray and Townsend whilst Villa sign Buendia and probably Bailey. These are the players we should be going for. It's difficult to have any hope of achieving anything this season. It's been a bit embarrassing from the minute Ancelotti left really with obvious things out of the club's control but nevertheless many things fully in the club's control.
  6. I feel he is the only player capable of having a good enough season to get us into Europe (capable as in if he stays fit) although I do understand your point on his fragility. If he could play 38 games a season he probably wouldn't be here would he?
  7. Just read the comments from Wednesday onwards & this is the most unified I've seen a thread on here in years 😂
  8. I think he's fantastic, although in the same breath can be one of our most frustrating players. His attitude can be petulant and I feel that was his biggest issue towards the end of the last campaign. After his numbers last year I doubt anyone would take a gamble on him, hopefully he fires for us this season coming and we get a huge fee for him if he is wanting to leave.
  9. Overall he's our best player, hands down. The one thing he isn't though is a runner and the team are required to work harder to accommodate for that, which effects the overall balance of the team. I can see why Rafa might want to rid him, although I don't think the rumours are true. I'd really like to see how he operates behind the striker in a 4231.
  10. He's looked hungry hasn't he? I know the opposition's quality hasn't been great but I didn't realise how good his feet were.
  11. I can't believe Kane keeps getting mentioned in this thread 😅
  12. Their finances aren't the best, however my point is more focused on the fact that we paid £35m and he's still under contract until 2024. My guess is a reasonable fee would be around double what we paid. Real Madrid could get a lot more quality with £70m than Richarlison.
  13. I'd like it to go to Digne I think. Keane for me is too mentally fragile.
  14. I can't see any team meeting whatever valuation Everton have of Richarlison this summer.
  15. I think the best question to ask is who does Rafa choose to have the armband when Seamus is not on the pitch.
  16. A loan deal would be nice. I'd like us to get linked to more players that aren't wingers now.
  17. If teams are struggling to pay his wages it looks like we might have to bite the bullet and pay some of his wages when we sell him. I would have thought Tosun to be more ambitious and more willing to drop a wage to play regularly, apparently not.
  18. A far better model, yes. Just need to find the quality for a decent fee now (easier said than done)! It is a small gamble, I agree. Evertonians are are never happy though and I don't intend on starting now 😉
  19. The value of a player matters as much at £1.5m as it does £150m. You want a return for your investment. My guess (and not to put a downer on things) is that Grey will be a frustrating player to watch and we will be waiting to shift him like the rest of the players currently still infesting our squad. If we pay £1.5m upfront and £2m a year in wages for him, it'll be £7.5m over 3 years wasted. That would not be 'good business'.
  20. It's only good business if he performs well. I'll be surprised if he does, but I'm hopeful.
  21. I'm not sure how much Burnley would need the money in the current climate. Possibly drive down his price a little bit? £25m seems like a reasonable fee for a player of his quality.
  22. Well put. Plus I can see him becoming the player he was at United. A useless nothing player.
  23. Can't see it anywhere, where did she say that?
  24. As far as I can see this is the first tweet on McNeil, which seemed to come from nowhere, I haven't seen his name mentioned much this summer. Looks like we're really looking to add depth to the team more than anything else. I can't see many marquee signings this summer. Apologies for the spam 😅
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