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  1. Back to normality being an Everton fan again.
  2. I thought he's done well enough considering.
  3. I don't think he wants to play it but saw this game as one which it would be more effective in.
  4. Think carlo only played it because of burnleys two strikers. Id be really disappointed to see us playing it next week.
  5. Kind of fitting that the goal starts with Doucoure and Allan getting in each others eay in midfield.
  6. Thats good. Only 2 fit fullbacks in the team and neither anywhere near the squad. Rediculos, yet again another questionable decision from Carlo.
  7. These players aren't comfortable playing this formation. Simple as that. On a side note that's 3 attacks Burnley have stopped and not a single caution.
  8. Not the best pass from Alan but I always feel like the players around him aren't on the same wave length. Doucoure didn't anticipate having the ball passed to him.
  9. Im expecting a difficult game today. As long as we get 3 points im not too bothered about the performance.
  10. Thought carlo said Neils will get his chance this week? Not even on the bench!
  11. It wouldn't surprise me to see 3 at the back again today to negate Burnleys strength in their two strikers.
  12. Watch this be the end of bramley moore, how devastating would that be.
  13. Hopefully we revert back to 433. The only drama with that though is the inexperience in the full back positions. I know Carlo is reluctant to play Kenny and Neils but I can't see a better option. Pickford Kenny Mina Keane Neils James Allan Doucoure Iwobi DCL Richarlison
  14. In the past 4 or 5 games we've had key players out with no adequate cover for them. Richarlison is the drive in the squad, Digne is the creativity, Coleman is the leader. We need all our best attacking players fit in order to compensate for the shambles of a defence we have. I think Carlo appricates it's not going to be easy to get into Europe and can't afford to gamble on Gordon and Neils. A lot of people I saw on twitter really weren't happy with it but Leeds are a very threatening team and Neils would have been under a lot of pressure, maybe carlo is protecting him as well.
  15. Another player not benefiting from the change of formation.
  16. Having Digne out doesn't help him. He may not be suited to this system the most either.
  17. The quality of depth has stung us, but even so I would have expected to beat Leeds at home. Disappointing.
  18. Part of me wants us to go to a back 4 then the other part of me realises why we cant.
  19. Pickford Godfrey Holgate Keane Iwobi Doucoure Allan Davies James DCL Richarlison That's my guess
  20. Interesting to see Holgate get the armband. Not that i disagree with it.
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