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  1. Real tough run of fixtures and we get to see where we are - and it's not where we want to be! Redshite next. Need to be a shit tonne better than this to even get a sniff. Be nice to just ensure they don't win it at our place, so to speak. Just hope for a big midfield overhaul this summer. I mean, like, 90% of funds ploughed into midfield!!!
  2. Bad day at the office. We still have an inferiority complex against the typical top 6 sides. We've seen this for years, so it ain't gonna change in a matter of months under anyone. It's more frustrating when we were edging so close to the top 6. We can still make it but it's a tough ask. Still, massively glad to have Carlo here and really looking forward to the Summer when he gets a fair chance in the market. That midfield needs urgent attention. I think, hope, we plough big funds into the midfield because, in my opinion, sorting that area out will make a huge difference alone.
  3. Are we allowed to say that yet?! I know we weren't allowed about 6 - 8 week ago!!!
  4. With our midfield, you just know that if any of our defenders have an off game, we are in trouble. Getting mauled in midfield, with Sidibe being Sidibe. Hard to get anything out if these games.
  5. I guess with January loans, by the time they settle etc, most of the season is gone. And possibly with Gomes making a much better recovery than anticipated, they thought we'd get on with it for now. But, overall, as has been proven, the real needed quality just isnt there in January. I'd rather we give a kid a chance if need be, rather than some non interested cast off player.
  6. I was thinking last night that I'm pretty glad we didn't bring anyone in as I was sure most of our January signings have been shit, or overpriced. In most cases, both. Was gonna look back to find out but Dunc has put that great post up there. Real shite signings. We don't need to panic. We aint far off 5th. And let's be honest, if we were to finish even 6th this season, it would be bloody well welcomed. Hell, 7th wouldn't be sniffed at! Big summer coming up I reckon.
  7. Nah. He went to City mate. Would have been a goodun though.
  8. Unbelievable football, isn't it? I was ready to go through 2 players in particular today for being so wasteful, Walcott and Delph. In the end, they both helped us to victory!!!
  9. I get where you're coming from here, I do. I get where MarkJazz is trying to go. I get the angle of most. We all have an opinion. But, I'm sorry, but my perception in not based just on this game. Carlo has done this in several games and we've started to buckle. It's a dangerous method for us. And I've commented on it in other game threads and in his own thread. I've never really been one to pop off about subs - you can fact check this in other threads. But, honestly, you could see this coming. That s why I'm so frustrated. One, you could see it coming. Two, it feels like Carlo i
  10. No No, it's fair enough. Wish I wasn't as pissed off.
  11. I'm not sure you're reading that right mate??? That s the Newcastle Captain talking about us...Where have you got that I think they were going for it from?!!! What you on about?! This is one of those hopeless convos I think.
  12. Newcastle captain Jamaal Lascelles speaking to Match of the Day: "It's probably one of the weirdest game I’ve been involved in. "They were the better team but we’ve come back from being two goals down and that shows the spirit and courage in this team. So we’re pleased with that. "The work ethic carries on throughout all the game. They dropped off and allowed us to play, which benefited us towards the end of the game. We had good subs as well." Nah lad. Won't be anything to do with the subs. Irrelevant.
  13. Erm....you sure it's a once in a lifetime happening?! Are you really sure? Once in a decade?! Hmmmm.
  14. It's not a rule that you have to make subs. It's not obligatory.
  15. Right. Before anything else...before Newcastle even scored I was going to write this. And I've said this after other games and in other threads. This tactic of taking attacking players off for defensive players when we are on top in games - why?! Each time we've done it, we end up sitting deeper and deeper. We limit our options to the point where all we can do is pass it around the back. Today. First Kean off for Coleman. Defensive. Then Bernard off for Davies. Defensive. The Walcott off for Niasse. Why?!!! I don't like it. Absolutely fuming. Newcastle had absolutely no right to
  16. Just trying to impress with my in-depth footy knowledge not at all copied from Google.
  17. Stat alert... Since Napoli got rid, they've played 5, got 3 points. Since Everton appointed, played 5 got 10 points. Just posting for the sake of it tbh.
  18. Fuckin hell Palf, drop that one in gently. Pure animal. By the way, I've always loved you. And if you want, as I've done for my Dad - to keep it away from the nasty female side of the family- I'll more than happily look after your will.
  19. At the end of the day, he carries on like this and he's on 20 goals for the season. He's got 15 games to get another 9. I've said it before. I think we're a bit snobby when it comes to strikers. We always pine for that 20 goal a season striker. And here we have a kid on that path but because he didn't cost £30mill and isn't a foreigner, he doesn't get the plaudits he deserves.
  20. Surely to God he's in at Brands telling him to shift certain players on and begging for reinforcements. I think Carlo is giving players plenty of chances to show themselves. He knows we've got enough in the team to stay away from trouble. We might make a late push for top 6. But in the meantime, players are being given a fair shout. And the same old same are falling on their arses. Loads to improve on. But you feel bloody proud when you see Carlo on the touchline in your colours.
  21. Iffy game today really, wasn't it? Didn't at all get going, looked clumbersome and a bit lost at times. I think the CM was a huge problem for us today. Delph didn't do anything of note. Davies tries to do stuff but just can't. Between them, they gave the ball away far too much. But hey, it's been an issue for a while now. Made worse by Gana and McCarthy doing well elsewhere. Poor Bernard, West Ham had his number and marked him out if it, and he's not helped by the above 2. At the back, I'm not sure Mina is suited to this pass along the back routine. It doesn't look natural to him and
  22. 😂😂😂 Usmanov has paid £30million just for the naming contract rights...then he'll pay stupid money for the actual naming rights. No coincidence this is announced at the same time as we reveal accounts with a £118mill loss. Clever bastards these lot.
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