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  1. Yeah, no problem with the selection I guess. I'm just finding it hard to get excited about this one 😄
  2. Rondon can't blame fitness for that one. DCL on the pitch we'd be 1 up.
  3. They've even rested Ronaldo knowing he won't be needed.
  4. Hibbert had a better strike than Gomes...
  5. I'd live to participate but the 317kb limit is hindering my creativity 😢
  6. Who would take Alves as a free agent backup for Coleman to see us through the short term? He's 38 now apparently, is he still fit enough?
  7. Who needs match fitness to come on for 10 at the end?
  8. I'm probably just hungover but the nipple touching combined with the facial expressions has made me laugh way too much this morning. Caption this 😄
  9. “I will start training on Monday, I think”, Rodriguez explained . “On the weekend I will not play, I don't even know who Everton is playing, can you please tell me?" His head's not here anymore is it. Massive shame but best ship him out sooner rather than later.
  10. Why would he even want to go back now to sit on the bench?
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