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HI guys (& the occassional gal),


I've been a blue all of the life, following in my Father's footsteps. My middle name is Alex, after the golden vision - my old mans favourite player of all time.


I have had a season ticket for 12 years now - mostly in the park end, but at first it was in the family enclosure and then the Main stand.


I work for a local, very large oil company and spend most of my working time on this forum (look at the amount of posts I submit in the working day as opposed to those in the evening!). My philosophy, work for as much money as you can but always do as little as you can....


Match day routine...


Every home game I travel to a small pub off QUeens drive (Haggerston road) called the Top House. Its a cool pub and has been rated a blue'ouse by bluekipper.com - its also quite cheap - even on Match day.


By 2pm, its usually rammed and we are starting our final pint (i go the game with 3 mates). once the pint has been demolished, we walk to the ground along city road (aka dog shit alley).


We then grab a quick hotdog from one of the scummy shops on Goodison road and away we go!!!


into the ground, programme, 2 golden goals, pint. then off to the seat to watch the best team in the world....



me..in a nutshell :)

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best thing i've read in ages! and i'm not quite sure why.....!!


i'm gonna introduce myself!!


I'm ooberman (Mark) - i live just oustide London and have done all my life. My bro is a Red Shite and when i was a kid it seemed the logical choice to support the blue team on the telly when he's cheering on the reds.....


and it kinda stuck....


so, 19 years on i'm still a fan and i get up to Goodison when i can, and i occasionally (though haven't for a while) write articles for borntobeblue


this forum is my saviour - it gets me through the days of working at one of the worst national newspapers in the country (where i work as a researcher)


on monday i start a new job at one of the better national newspapers and i fear i may not be able to visit this fantastic site as much as i do now....


so i'm making the most of this week!

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