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The Medical Team Are In


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B) Reports that activity at Bellefield as numerous cars have arrived, the press are also here so it looks like something might eventually happen or it could be BT arriving late for his appointment!!

Anyway spies at both airports ( JL airport & Manchester) have spotted noboby therefore either this player was flown in via London or he's an English player.

Could be nothing BUT JUST might be a STRIKER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Doom and Gloom time ..........................


Mark my words, we'll get no-one tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a fiver on that, rather than a fiver on us winning the FA cup (put on BEFORE we drew Chelsea .........)


Hopefully we'll get at least a point at Wigan though to cheer us all up !!!!!!!!! :D

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beat this the press believe 99.9% it's tekke

but no visual

but they believe our story were from the Daily Sport!!!!!!!!

anyway they have narrowed it down to a few players

yes your all right certain players are playing tonight or on the bench

but the mighty british press believe we may be about to sign two players!!!!!!!!!!

yes there insistant on two

But untill DM confirms reports on who, if two then sorry I've done my best

If I was to guess it would be Tekke and a defender.

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