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The Truth About Tuesday.


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From the Liverpool Echo's special correspondent Sum Baarde..


There were chaotic scenes at Evertons Bellefield training ground on Tuesday night when a major problem arose with the pipes. A source close to the caretaker revealed that, having got quotes from all the twenty-four hour plumbers in the area it quickly became apparent that the best course of action was to fly in a drainage specialist from Turkey who established that the problem was caused by half-eaten big-macs being flushed down the toilet in James Beatties private cubicle.

A small crowd who gathered at the gate (one of whom was furiously typing on a lap top) were fobbed off with outlandish stories about signing new players to put them off the scent. Unfortunately the Turks price quoted was way outside Evertons plumbing pay structure so he was whisked secretly back out of the country. The work will now, I understand, be carried out by the clubs existing staff who are not specialists in the field but will do all they can to sort out the problem on a temporary basis pending reassessment in the summer. No-one at the club was available for comment this morning.

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lol quality


unfortunately i was one of the over excited peeps who stayed up


think it was part booze part the 20 cigs i smoked within the space of an hour


but was enjoyable at the time now just feels a bit sh*t but has to be up there with one of top threads (in the most pointless section)

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Most users ever online was 97 on Jan 31 2006, 11:17 PM



I was tucked up in bed dreaming of pigeons, you lot would go top the opening of an envelope


You should be ashamed of yourself Zed...all we needed was you and two others to be drawn into the pointless hysteria and we'd have hit the hundred online!!! Please don't let it happen again, I'd have thought as a Cyber Steward you'd have taken your responsibilities a bit more seriously :P .


(Do you really dream about pigeons? That's the strangest thing I've ever read on here and given some of Reg's offerings thats saying something!)

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