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Nice Reading..current Form Table


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Form Guide


----Last 6 Games -----PTS


Everton W W W W D W 16

Chelsea W W W D D W 14

Blackb'n W W D W W L 13

West Ham L L W W W W 12

Tot'ham W W L D L W 10

Man Utd W D L W L W 10

A Villa D W L D D W 9

Fulham L W W L W L 9

Arsenal D D W L L W 8

Charlton W L W D D L 8

Liv'pool W D W L D L 8

Birm'ham L W L W D L 7

Man City D L W L W L 7

W.B.A. L L W L D W 7

Bolton L D D W D D 7

Wigan L L L W D D 5

M'brough D D L L W L 5

N'castle L D L L L W 4

Portsm'h W L L L D L 4

Sun'land L L L W L L 3


Toffees get 16 out of 18 points.. Great :)

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and in the past few weeks we have had an injury crisis.


Well done to the players and to Moyes.


With only 13 games to go, we really are at the business end of the season.


What a contrast to last season - when we would have given anything to see the season end 13 games early.


Last year we managed to hang on to 4th place during the run in. This season we are going to be chasing a top 6 place.


I would think in our position it has to be easier to chase - as you have nothing to lose. Last season we got 4th partly down to others slipping up rather than us playing well second half of the season -


39 points up for grabs and 33 on the board.


I think realistically we could be able to finish in the 50's - lets hope is high 50's rather than low 50's.

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