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i went out and spent thirty quid on norton virus but since discovered its shite and makes ya computor run slow <_<


with this new virus lookin bad has anyone got any idea how to stop it gettin on the pc...and how do u get such a virus?


ive got true sword but that only works once the pc has the virus which then may be too late :(


thanks for any help lads :D

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After all the hype about Avast i went and downloaded it free, but now when i turn on my PC an avast window comes on the screen and tells me it has discovered two other antivirus securities on my PC, ( Spybot s & d, and Norton ) and is not compatable so it has turned itself off.


With Spybot search and Destroy and the Norton working OK, i went to remove or uninstall Avast, but it wont let me, anybody familiar with this, or any suggestions please.



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