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Reg, Is Here , Their N Every....


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Yes folks one can even now Punt on a Nag by the name of Reg Reagan...!!!


Seems Reggie boy & his philly made a stunning trackside début this weekend @ Sydney's Royal Randwick Turf Club.


And yes it even BLOODY won...!!!


Some Reg quips, Pics & Moments.




The horse is a superstar now, but his best days are going to be just like mine - when he retires to stud.
He's just like me in a lot of ways. He has a ton of guts and a big set of lungs."


  "The Dubai World Cup, that would be a good race for him,"
That win reminded me of the 1979 grand final," he said.


"I was playing for Gunnedah, went all right too, won the man of the match.


Trainer Tim Martin: On Owner Reg Reagan & renowned beeer swilling loving Jockey Alan Robinson.Aka Robbo..


I want to keep these two apart as much as possible,"


By John Schell at Randwick

February 5, 2006


THE cult figure of rugby league legend Reg Reagan expanded to the hallowed turf of Royal Randwick yesterday when début colt Regreagan lived up to the hype and scored a blistering win.


Reagan was given special permission to enter the saddling enclosure before the anticipated event with a KB coat attempting to cover his renowned beer gut. No tie was in sight.


Larger than life: Reg Reagan is the centre of attention after his equine namesake Regreagan stormed down the outside to win the domain.com.au Sprint at Randwick yesterday



"Don't need one of them," he quipped before watching his namesake win and sharing in the moment of glory with the colt's part-owners Eddie Hayson and trainer Tim Martin.


"This is unbelievable," said Reagan, deputising for another of Regreagan's part-owners, Matthew Johns.


"He was favourite so I bet up on him. I had $1 each way and it's been a great result. The Reagan family will be eating at the best Chinese restaurant we can find tonight. The dim sims will be on the house."



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