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Beatties Goal Against Arsenal


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Meant to post this on Saturday night after watching MOTD. Why wasn't BTs goal against the Arse in the goal of the month selection? It was a brilliant centre fowards goal, maybe not good enough to win but it should have been in there!! That fucking freak RS goal against Luton was; so some L'pool player can manage to put the ball into an empty net fron sixty yards..big fucking deal, my gran could do it nine times out of ten..and she's dead...pissed me right off (as you may have gathered).

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Guest fozzie22
After me defending beattie over fis man boobs, a bloke in work watch the game last night (supports leicester) and said "fook me, that beatties a wierd shape, hes got wobbly boobs"  :lol:



Now where to start :lol:


So much to work with ;)

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