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Everton V Blackburn


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ferrari looked quite good against Chelsea, only a couple of goals could be given a blame and that would really be on weir who was being skinned by the pace of the chelsea players every time and Valente who gave the penalty away.


Ferrari looked cool at the back, controlled the ball well and made some good challenges.


I think we'll win 1-0

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Has draw written all over it.


However, Rovers on the spin after a really Bad result @ WBA.


Be a great 3pts indeed & keep the gravy train rolling up the table.


Choo Choooooooooooo, all aboard


BIG three points today if we get them, we are top of the form league in the prem and we are still in the bottom half of the table :blink: , shows how shit we can be. Let hope we dont see more of the dross we sore against chelski (it was like going back in time six weeks.


Anywat, looking forward to Jearing bellamy (the poisoned dwarf) and Savage the fart. Gravesen used to put the shits up him. They'll be looking to get a bit of revenge for our win against them earlier


I would love a real big win here. And I am going for 4-1, with the RS getting beat at wigan while I am having my pre match pint



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fucking hell....anyone watched it? was it delibrate or was the refree another fucking shit who got it wrong?..now we are in goal keeper crisis! when all was going right direction, of all we have goalkeeper crisis!

Sounds like the ref had no alternative..poor back header from Stubbs collected outside the box, suppose I'll settle for a 1-0 now!

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Just watched beatie's goal againts B'burn.fantastic goal and i heard a legitimate goal score by us was disallowed as well!! sigh!! go Everton go!!


Turner deserve to be send off by the rule book.Was miscommunication between stubbs and Turner...


BT goal is fantastic!!!

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superb performance, great atmosphere, crowd got right behind the team start to finish.


Whole team were great but the players that really shone where:


Hibbert - if this lad could distribute better he would be playin for england, he tackling today and all round defensive player was amazing, bell end couldnt find a way past him, neither could any other blackburn player.


Valente - it was between him and hibbo for MOTM, he made some vital headers and his support play was excellent, looking like the champs league and uefa cup winner that we hope he would be!


Arteta - took the piss out of blackburn, put his foot and and ran his bollocks of rite to the end


Beattie - superb today, great in the air and took his goal brilliantly, didnt see anythin wrong his second..have to watch the replay tonite


Over all the team were excellent, every single one of them fought for their shirt today, great result. Being in the gwladys couldnt really see the turner insident but he had to go if he handled it, stubbs was to blame for this IMO, he should have just leathered it out...we still one though :D


Pleased to see Ruddy playing, he made a fine stop near the end and looked very comfy, the future looks bright in goal :D


The referee and his 'assisnants' wer nothin more than a joke today...didnt have a clue what was goin on..he gave blackburn everychance to get back into it but we where to strong. Nice to see Davey avin a go, thought he would be in the stands second half but he was still there :D i started a chant after his little spat with the ref :D


oh and one more thing....I WON 40 QUID, FIVER ON Everton TO WIN 1-0 :D:D



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Valente And Hibbo Were outstanding, Hibbo Shades MOTM because he got booked Very early. Turner's Red was Farcical, they all thought it was offside, and anyway stubbsy was Covering and it wasnt a genuine goalscoring oppertunity IMO.


Great goal by Beattie, another one For us Park enders To see :P:P :P :P :P :P


Mcfadden How he missed i dunno that kinda led to Turners red.


Beattie Put Himself well and truely into the meat grinder and came out still looking human


Arteta Has improved on a couple of poor performances in the FA Cup very much so.


Cahill Back to his best late runs, snapping at the opperistion staying on feet although he nearly got blackburns equaliser, which was a fantastic save from ruddy.



now to the negatives, thankfully none are about the team this week.


1) Beattie was flagged offside so many times, one occasion he was in his own half! :o how can the standard of linesman be that bad! regarding cahill's first disallowed goal, beattie chested it, so doesnt that mean a new phase begins, and cahill was behind him, if RVN gets away with it why dont we?


2) the ref was more than eager to give everything to blackburn, i think particulary in the first half in the instance when valente beat todd on the halfway line and todd had slid in missed ball and man and he gave a freekick to blackburn.


3) stubbsy's disallowed effort, well beattie was offside try to wrestle with friedel so that would have been ruled out regardless.


4) The Ref again, How many fouls were there before turner got sent off? 0 and he let the game get completely out of control, Steven reid was the Prime Example of this.


ok now we have 2 weeks rest and then Newcastle "we're a big club" United away.

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Credit to the boys and credit to the crowd, well done Everton FC :D


Oh and for the reccord Hansen, Lineker and that other fool who's name eludes me at the mo' got the rule book out on MOTD last night and Turner should never have been sent off!


Red card = when a goal scoring opportunity is stopped and there is no cover


Yellow = everything else


The ball hit turners finger tips and then his legs with stubbs covering! Yellow card every time, the referee and both linesmen should feel extreamly guilty when they watch the game back and not just for that decision.


Beattie was flagged offside so many times but the one which realy got me was at the glad end BT was put clear of the defenders by either Arteta or Cahill at the bullens side and the linesman flagged once BT was running at goal with only the golie to beat. My uncle sits in the upper bullens on line with the 18 yard box and he is positive BT was a good 10 yards onside when the ball is played and all Blackburns defence where goal side of him, thats four players!


Love Moyesy after the match you could tell he wanted to tear into the ref' but he just smiled and said "i think the ref called it as he saw it" with a big grin. Amazing how a win and performance like that can help you to keep your mouth shut and just smile.



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Highly delighted, just shows that if your heart is big enough and the spirit is willing, you can overcome all obstructions that are put in your way. (have a read of my sig, thats what its all about).


Heroes, every one of them, not just for sitting back and keeping them out, but for taking the game to them, could have been, and should have been, 3 or 4 nil.


The Ref, and the linesmen should be admonished for a complete and utter incompetent display, and if there is any justice it should be seen to be done, as a deterrent against future abyssmal displays such as that one.



Well done Blues.




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