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Brokeback Mountain


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The Mr's draggged me off on me rostered day of 2 all feurking places the cinema & yep " Broke back Mountain". Have ya been? Will ya?.


Hmmm...From Donnie Drako to Donnie Dark entry for Jake Gylenhall.... :blink::huh::o


Anyhow's, Ive no hang up's but did find it a lil confronting to begin, but got over it & took the flik as for what was it's means.


To be honest I found it very slow & pretty lame. Not a bad film, but worthy of all the hype? well I dont no.


I reside in an area where the film has not been banned , but in some parts is not being shown as they have real cowboys here & to be honest their not real fukin evolved & are disgusted at the very concept..( even had red neck politicians on telly in disgust..uno..ohhherrrr there aint any of that happening with our cowboys, nope, now way nevver..wont happen)


The story it self Simply seemed a narrative done over before, life style struggles, choice, decisons & living on & after with the decisons in life we all make.


Fair enuff it was an era when what they were doing in the part of the world they were would have had em lynchecd by the Good ole boys...But other than that a period piece & a struggle that both hetro & homo sexual people deal with & battle all the time.


Movie of the year?...Oscar?...not for me. A nice movie, much realism ( not to much thank fook ;) , well acted etc but @ the end of the day pretty lame in

regards to all the hype.


This has been another Movie review form "Patv the Peoples Poet".

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Think I'll give that a miss there Pat, not anti gay, but dont want to thrust in me face


Would like to see the new Johnny Cash film though, supose to be good


The only films I get to see on the pics these day are Designed for 7 year olds, although I did see King kong at Xmas and though it was the nuts

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