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Foor The Love Of Christ


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please stop all this negativity.


ok we lost to chelsea bearing in mind they have spent over 120million quid on players. they have loadsa internationals and shit. i admit we were beaten by the best and we were shite on the night.



but please after a 9 game unbeaten run everyone is calling for moyes' head again please stop.


yobo will be back now maybe for the blackburn game i dunno. but with a decnt defence back things are looking up a bit.

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and another thing, please lets not repeat the man city game, The atomsphere was dead. C'mon show them passion and we shall get passion in return.


A valid point which many of the crowd have forgotten, you cant sit in your seat eating a pie and drinking bovril and expect the players to be running around the pitch like mad men! Stand and sing, clap every move regardless of how it finishes and then you can critisise (spelling?).


Before you all jump on the "paid to do a job" bandwagon really who cares? Its my club and paid well or not i'm going to support my players and my manager because i want my club to do well. I never leave before the final whistle, i always clap the players off & when they let me down i let my anger out without slagging them while they are still on the pitch trying to do a job!


Anything else is counterproductive and the only people it is realy going to hurt is me and you when we are watching first devision football. The fact is when the fans give it their all the team very rarely under achieves so we all have a job to do.


And to all the people who are downstairs with me at half time singing, do it in the seats as well lets make Goodison rock every game!!

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