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If only we could go back in time like this Forum!


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At the fear of being shot down in flames, can i suggest running daily backups?


Its what i do for my Forum (www.islandbass.com) works a treat when things go a bit pair.


Hi Duffy,


Thats what i had lanned for tonight sorting out the auto back up of the site. Am also looking in it having it hosted across mulitiplus severs so that if one dies the site stays live :lol:

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Banned for what exactly?


Not supporting Everton....it doesnt stop the Everton fans coming on our forums and having a bit of banter on there, yet we dont go and ban them for the reason that they dont support Liverpool :lol:

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You are the only one coming out with the abusive responses around here pal..not me.

Its called forum banter - it happens on the Liverpool forums and every other forum for that matter.

But oh no sorry i forgot - the poor little sensitive Everton souls cant handle it eh? :lol:

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