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The Carney Report

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Longer term poster's will recall the dismay of Pat when this Kid David Carney was released by Moyes a lil while back.


Said @ the time this 1 may well come back around & bite us on the booom.


Since then I have forwrded a cple reports of the kid destroying the new A-league & Starring @ the world club championships, whilst also attracting biggish money attention .


Now @ 22 David a winger who scores goals & plays on both sides of the park ( Left & right)....looks to be going to the WORLD CUP...!!!


considering this boys Dad is a life long Evertonian

( ex-pat Scouser) as is David there was only ever 1 place he wanted to be...yep here.


Seems World rated Supa Coach Guss Hiddink rates the lad, Yet our boss couldnt seee sense in keeping heere on a YTs deal costing feck all...!!!


Reasonable article on david's continued develoments here http://www.smh.com.au/news/football/carney...9465798061.html

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I've got a season ticket for Sydney FC so get to see Carney alot and although he's good he does have a few problems mainly pace that he needs to work on. Great player though and out shines everyone on the park in nearly every game so he really should have been kept at Everton. Lots of youngsters beginning to come through in the A league and in a few years should be a great place to pick up youngsters for the premiership and even better they'll all be very cheap to sign.

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Guest Reg Reagan

The aussie league is shit...


its a fact that aussies cant play football... look at harry kewell for example... there is no need to buy shit aussie players who cant play football... especially in rugby union and rugby league

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