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New Goalie Coming In?


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Foz, I expected more from you - where is your loyalty. If we can get a result againt 11 man B'burn and the f*cking ref we can get Buffon :lol:


I believe Chris Woods is thinking of registering again, :blink:


Big Nev is only two years older so perhaps we tempt him out of retirement.


If not I have an 11 year old son who isn't too bad in goal - or even better my 16 year old daughter!!!!!!!, she is willing to work saturdays as long as she gets more than £20 for it





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If we are allowed to bring another keeper on loan - I would guess that Matt Poom would be an ideal choice as Arsenals third choice keeper.


Having already played Arsenal twice and very unlikley that we will overtake them, I would guess it would also be in their favour for us to have a more experienced keeper in our squad to take points of other teams.



As for Buffon - really can't see the point of bringing in a keeper with no Prem experience. Not that he would come.

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To be fair I don't really think we need another keeper that badly I mean big Nige is def No.1 but cos he is getting old and gets a few injuries we have Wright as an acceptable backup, plus we have Turner and Ruddy. I can't name 3 goalies at most prem teams and we have 4. I think if we had bought someone like Poom on a permanent contract it is just going to put the younger goalies further down the pecking order. I wouldn't mind if someone like Buffon (yeah right :D ) came in since they would have a genuine chance of becoming 1st team No.1 but I don't think we need to get another full time goalie in as a backup the situation we are in at the moment is just a fluke. Sure get Poom on loan for a month but in the summer sign someone class or don't sign another keeper at all. Plus I reckon we should have got Niemi he is quality and I reckon Fulham got a bargain there.

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