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New Stadium


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As goldfish said, I'll believe it when im sat in my seat


That said, anyone with a season ticket will have seen their priority voucher for the new stadium. thats the second fookin joke. Im betting im into double figures of priorit vouchers before im in me new seat


Anyway, shouldn't this thread be in the jokes section or as I like to call it "the joke section - sponsored by goldfish memory" :)

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Jesus I could see my old house from that picture memory lane hey.


De Ja Vu tho for all of us i think.


BK you only sing when your winning



New stadium - okay, lets for a moment at least, believe that this is possible.

Lets believe that Peel Holdings are interested and lets believe that the council will give us the stadium...


its at Switch fuccking island. Its like a car park at the best of times! and its miles out of the way for ....almost EVERYONE.


Bah! Whats the fooking point!?

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New stadium - okay, lets for a moment at least, believe that this is possible.

Lets believe that Peel Holdings are interested and lets believe that the council will give us the stadium...


its at Switch fuccking island. Its like a car park at the best of times! and its miles out of the way for ....almost EVERYONE.


Bah! Whats the fooking point!?



from the developers pov its good business. it puts his project on the map and adds value to it. but is it a good location for Everton?


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If we move to switch island then I wont be going anymore


They can fook off


If the shite can get planning permission for stanely park then why cant we


Calm down!!


LIVERPOOL council last night pledged to do all it can to keep Everton Football Club within the city boundaries following reports of a proposed move to Sefton.


It was suggested yesterday the Goodison club were interested in a site near to Switch Island currently owned by Peel Holdings, owner of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and the Trafford Centre.


While the club itself privately distanced itself from any such move, former council leader Mike Storey last night said Liverpool council was keen to make sure the city would not lose the Everton name to its near neighbour.


There is still enormous regret about Liverpool FC building its academy in Knowsley, tempted away by the borough's then chief executive, David Henshaw.


Storey, who now has responsibility for cultural and other special initiatives in Liverpool, said: "I'm quite sure the city council will do all it can to make sure both Liverpool and Everton stay within the city limits with any new stadiums.


"I had heard that Peel's land at Central Docks was a possibility for Everton and I believe that is a far more likely stadium site than Switch Island."


Everton have been approached by Peel Holdings about the Switch Island site and Peel are paying for a feasibility study to ascertain its suitability for a football ground, but events are not thought to have progressed any further than that.


And the Daily Post understands Everton are cool on the idea for two reasons. Firstly, the Switch Island site is green belt (formerly used for farming) and as such would be subject to a highly rigorous planning process and a lengthy public inquiry.


Those objections have been defeated by other developments though and it is the second reason, the club's reluctance to abandon its 125-year roots within the city boundaries of Liverpool, which is probably more key.


Everton fans have learned to treat all stadium possibilities with some scepticism.


And it is understood the Peel approach is one of just dozens from various developers with land to sell on Merseyside, in the knowledge that Everton have a publicly-stated desire to find a new stadium.


Given the well-documented lack of funds at Goodison, any stadium deal would almost certainly have to be preceded by new investment in Everton, even if the stadium was to be paid off through some sort of lease deal.


Last night both parties were remaining tight-lipped about any possible developments. A statement from Peel said: "Following the acquisition of Mersey Docks and Harbour Company. Peel now own a number of sites that have potential for development in Liverpool and we are exploring future uses of this land with a number of organisations."



Everton spokesman Ian Ross said: "Since the demise of Kings Dock we have continued to look at a range of options and that will continue."


Source: ICLiverpool

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cant see it myself, but most probably the most fanancially possible out of all the crap we've heard. the location is attractive because of all the motorways near by.


the best site i can think of is on the east lancs, just before carcraft. much better access than Goodison. and good access roads too.


cant see why BK gettin stick for this? its peel doin the talkin here. im not BKs biggest fan by any means, but surely we can lay off him on this one

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The way i understand this is that Peel Holdings will build this stadium from their own funds and lease it to EFC, i think Man City lease their new ground, and it seems to be working for them doesn't it?


As some of you lot might already know, i have always wanted EFC to stay at Goodison, that is our spiritual home, it can be redeveloped, and i have the plans that show how it can be done. The problem we have is that as a club we are always skint, there would be little or no chance of this board putting any sort of plan together to fund such a redevelopment.


So, our options are limited, do we stay in the old lady, or move? Peel Holdings could be just the outfit to come to the clubs rescue, i would love them to be able to strike some sort of a deal for rebuilding Goodison, i wonder if they could in fact build a new stadium on the existing footprint and then lease it back to us??


The city council seem to be in a state of panic at the prospect of losing the citys oldest and biggest club, tough, they have been the ones who have stood in the way of our club so many times in the past while seemingly giving the less well known club across the park whatever they want.


In answer to the post above, regarding the site being green belt, thats not our problem is it? Peel Holdings are the ones doing all the spadework, so let them get on with it, wasn't the Trafford Centre built on greenbelt? they seem to have got over that one without to much bother.

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if we could get a deal with peel holdings the knock on effect of a new stadium can be huge.

i see it like this;

there is no massive out lay for the new ground, just rent to pay when its completed.

you get all the gate (no doubt at a higher price per ticket)

also with the high capacity more cash again.

and with the place being new more people wanna come to see what all the hype is about. (look at the attendences @ sunderland in the lower league when they got the stadium of light)

i love Goodison, its full of character and history and alot of emotions have been shed there over the years, but in the modern game this doesnt account for so much anymore. we need to catch up, big time!

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Does'nt the public transport from all outlying areas of the city converge on the Pier Head, wheres the problem. ????


Dont you think all this would have been researched, by the Council, the Police, and the Tansport People, before thinking about going there.


Its a better proposal than Switch Island, for people living out south end of the city.

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Mate, wasnt long till Pat was suss on that Samuelson.


Last I read was in a ( Of all places) A Fijian financial Journal, that was highlting the fact that Fijian auhtorities had issues some kind of warrant for the arrest of one said Mr C Samuelson, in relation's to.. Murky Money laundering scam's relevant to Fiji, Brunei & the Cayman isles.


P.s Last i heard The casino peple were about to start proceeding's with a Newcastle Utd St James Supa Casino...& that the Red shiote may well be stealing a march on us in those regards.


Food 4 Thought.

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To be honest - I think if we are to ever become great again, we all agree a new stadium is needed. Whether is be the re-building of Goodison (which I can't ever see happening), or a totally new complex.


I think the later is the most likley - just because of the room needed for add on development if other are to become heavily involved.


We are all nostalgic about Goodison and the history that goes with the place and like anything upheval is stressful and upsetting. But Goodison Park in it current state is a dinosour of a football stadium - and is severley restricting with regard to moving the club forward in the modern age of football.


As Bernie mentioned the Peel Holdings deal looks attractive - as they will be stumping up front end costs for such development. With us club leasing the stadium.


The football always has to come first in my opinion - if we where to get a new stadium and got to see decent competative football in it I am sure everyone would soon put the fact its not being player at Goodison Park behind them.


Due to the scale, finances and number of stakeholders in any such development it is going to be a long and hard road before any concrete is poured.


It doesn't matter what is decided as not all the people are going to be pleased


This debat is the tip of the iceberg - but I think it is a positive that a new stadium is again becoming a topic for debat.

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Goodison is a grand old lady that needs to be retired (Lets hope that she doesnt end up in one of those shitty council run homes)..

I honestly believe that the only way forward is a new develoment with scope for expansion and increased profits ie: shops ,merchandise outlets ,cafes etc.

This can only be achieved at a new site.. Peel holdings or some other major developer as owner with EFC leasing back.

The only drawback is that Goodison will be worth F**k all to developers.

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