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Liverpool Vs Manchester United


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Now, obviously the correct answer is that we'd like to see both teams lose, but unfortunately that is a rather unlikely outcome.


However this morning I was pondering this question at the most appropriate time --- whilst taking a shit --- and decided that given the current teams that each side is likely to field, there are more outright wankers in the Manchester United side than Liverpool.


So for today, I will be LESS UPSET with a Liverpool victory than a Manchester United one.


What do the rest of you feel?

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Oh, ive just checked and the cup matches are not there. Doh. :mellow:


What a disapointing game, was looking forward to a hotly contested Cup Tie thriller, and i got a damp sqid.

Neither team deserved to win, in fact the Blues would have beaten both of those the way they played. Cant see the winners going to the Final.

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