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Soccer's In Serious Trouble!

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there s a lotta stuff here about the problems.




It's a rip-off - and not just in the Prem


Paul Wilson, The Observer



Last month we predicted that empty seats and high prices would be the talking points of the new football season and, although Wayne Rooney has done his best to provide a diversion, the damning evidence was there to see in midweek. Football's empty seats even made the front page of yesterday's Financial Times


While the product on the pitch is still recognisably English, and good, knockabout fun much of the time, life in the Premiership is far from fun for the dozen or so clubs who are scared to death of going down. Far too many fixtures are about survival and many are much too grim to be classed as entertainment. And money is the problem.


Money is also the problem in a much more obvious sense - and not just in the Premiership - when you compare ticket prices around Europe. In the summer, Juventus signed Patrick Vieira from Arsenal and Woking signed Clint Davies, a goalkeeper, from Perth. It costs more to watch the Aussie stop the shots in a Conference game in Surrey than it does to watch the World Cup winning Frenchman at the Stadio delle Alpi. Woking £14 a seat, Juventus £13.80. Explain that.

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Guest fozzie22

Not a surprise really the bubble has been close to popping for awhile.


But typical of greedy arsed clubs,players agents they choose to think only of themselves,i fear many clubs(bigger clubs too) could well find themselves in the shitter moneywise.

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Guest Reg Reagan

well thats a scary look though... considering the the ticket prices are a tad expensive


but we will see in the next 5 years where this thing is going to...

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This is one topic Fozzie and I truly agree on.


The mega money that came into the game with the formation of the Premiership and Sky will be the ruin of the game and a lot of the countries clubs.


Money now rules our great game above anything else - transfer fees and players wages are now at crazy levels and basically unsustainable.


We have what is called a parachute payment to stop clubs that a relegated going bankrupt.


Don't forget relegated clubs are within the top 20 or so in the county - and relegation without a parachute payment would mean bankrupcy - that is crazy when you just sit back and think about it.


In the main the only way a club can truly now become sustainabley competative is for some hugely wealth single person come in and buy the club as his play thing.


Just look beyond Man U and Arsenal at clubs who have won a Premiership title - Blackburn and Chelsea.


Who have come close - Newcastle and Leeds, two clubs who have spent massive amounts of cash on players and wages - with NOTHING to show for it.


We talk of investment coming to the club to try and push us on- but the type of money needed to become truly competative is huge - we need to find a person who is willing to 'lose' lots of his hard earned on a football club.


This type of investor is like rocking horse sh1t - just not much of it about.


Being a well supported club with a great histroy is just not enough these days -


A very sad reflection on things these days when the ambition of most clubs including ours is 4th place in the league, a place in Europe or a good cup run. When you have been brought up on better, its not good enough to satisfy our desire for the club.


Truoble is due to the finances of the game, we could fill Goodison to the rafters for every single home game, but still not scratch the surface of the monies needed. As a set of fans there is nothing we can do to make the club bigger.


We can harp on at BK all we like - but the bottom end is that investors are hard to come by - particulalry those who have the type of cash on the hip needed to make a Premiership club competative.


Hands up those who have £200M to fritter away over the next three years.


I dream of the days when a manager like DM/Bruce/Allerdice/Pearce could on a modest budget build a truly competative team. Those days have long gone - and football is all the worst for it

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I agree with all of that Ruffrob apart from mentioning the word BRUCE


Remember Wimbledon and Swansea even longer ago. Does't matter how good a manager you are now


I hope sky goes bust, but as long as there are mugs like me who pay week in week out for sky and a season ticket then we are fooked or hooked

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