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Seen any new bands that you think other people will like?


Heard a song you havnt heard for ages that you think is a lost gem?


This is the thread for you :D (I should go into marketing...)






I went to see The Wombats the other day. the support band are worth listening, had some very catchy tunes and were great live.


Team Water Polo - Im not sure whether they have a myspace but if you can find them give them a try

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Isnt there a what are you listening too thread?


Anyway stay out of marketing that last idea you had about a long thread or something hasnt really lasted :P


No this isnt what you have listened to, this is bands you have seen/heard and you wish to recommend to other TTers.


The band I recommeded was Team Water Polo, at the time of writing I wasnt listening to them, just recommeding them.


Come on King, get with the programme :P:D

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Well my cousin and uncles band (WAS because they left) There called Sunshine Rule thier songs are quite good. They won unsigned band of the month last year because they won some compotion. There songs on there myspace profile are the ones with my cousin and uncle in but they left. Dont listen to them because the new Sunshine Rule is gay :P but the old songs are ace! Bleedin is thier best song IMO.



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