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  1. 1. Do you want Knowsley Council to approve the plan for Destination Kirkby and the Everton stadium?

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It is obvious but there is some hope they say no.


The planning committee recently tore the stadium design apart:


"Stadium – the building has been criticised by some consultees and local community representations as being of poor design quality. It has to be acknowledged that the design adopted here, in contrast to some recent stadium proposals, is not one for an iconic exemplar building. Rather, the design is a somewhat more traditional stadium design with four separate stands and this shows in its outward appearance. Indeed, a somewhat utilitarian and cost-conscious design is evident in the way that the underside of the upper stands is revealed to outward view."




"Your officers are disappointed that the design / layout proposed is for a ‘standard’ retail park environment with an extensive central car park. This is considered to be a somewhat wasteful and visually over-dominant approach to the provision of car parking. Rather, your officers consider that a development displaying a stronger urban form, based on two-sided streets and spaces and creating a more harmonious and complementary urban structure to the existing town centre, would be an appropriate approach in planning terms for this site. Three of the retail blocks are of the same design, providing some degree of visual cohesion, although this is far outweighed by their arrangement around the extensive parking area and being interspersed by the Tesco building and the stadium.


In terms of functional cohesion, the development is hampered by the arrangement of buildings around the central car park. Indeed, a single circuit of the central car park (without walking onto Cherryfield Drive or into any part of the existing town centre) amounts to some 800 metres.


To conclude, your officers are disappointed that the design does not incorporate a stronger urban form based on sound design principles. With the exception of the stadium, the buildings for which full details of design are available are utilitarian in form and design. There is a repetitive treatment of building frontages, although fortunately some visual interest has been incorporated into the front elevations, thereby making the design more acceptable. The area along Cherryfield Drive has the potential, with appropriate public realm treatment, to form an attractive public space linking the existing town centre and the new development to the south of Cherryfield Drive. However, the quality of the space, as with other parts of the development, is not one that is defined and created by its surrounding buildings.




Your officers are disappointed that the design does not incorporate a stronger urban form based on sound design principles, meeting the expectations of policy. Officers can advise that the main visual impact of the development would arise from a combination of the stadium’s size and siting and the regrettable loss of the attractive wooded area adjoining Valley Road. There will inevitably be some harmful visual impacts, most particularly the outlook from nearby housing areas and overshadowing. These have to be acknowledged and taken into account in the final decision.


Within the development the design and quality of the landscaping and public realm, whilst creating some points of visual interest, disappoints when measured against sound urban design principles and the expectations of policy."

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bit of a tangent here but try and stay with,


KW has said Goodison would fail to Attain a Safety certificate if we stay, i assume that he's referring to gwlady's st end and bullends road stand..... that would imply that Goodison would start falling apart? if parts of the stadium do start breaking off a) thats half the demolision cost off making a redevelopement possible? and B) whats holding it together now if they are sure it would fall apart soon? is liverpool's stadium at stanley park going to cause seismic vibrations which will litrally bring the house down? surely then they would have to stop :D



i know its wildly optamistic but just a thought.

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I think it will probably be a "Yes", however I think the government will still "call it in" and then the whole project will probably disappear.

The way I see it is that with the reduction in retail space in the revised application I can't see there being enough "enabling development" for us to pay our share anyway.

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Everton FC's move out of Liverpool could take a step closer when planners meet to discuss new stadium proposals.


The £400m scheme includes a 50,000 seat stadium and Tesco superstore on an 85,500 sq m site in Kirkby, Merseyside.


Neighbouring councils have opposed the development, saying it will take away trade, but supporters say it is vital for the town's regeneration.


Knowsley Council's planning committee is to discuss the scheme, but because of its size cannot issue permission.


If the committee agrees with the planning officer's report that the scheme should go ahead, the application has to be referred to the government office for the north west.


Local opposition


The office, acting on behalf of the local government minister Hazel Blears, will then decide whether to approve the plans, or call-in the application.


Opposition to the regeneration plan has been led by the Kirkby Residents Action Group, which claims the scheme is simply too big for the size of the town.


Campaigners say the combination of the stadium and superstore would cause traffic chaos, especially on match days.


Tesco says its plans have been revised in response to public consultations and that people in Kirkby are largely in favour of the large-scale redevelopment of the town.


Kirkby is about nine miles away from the centre of Liverpool in the neighbouring borough of Knowsley.

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