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Who To Support In Euro2008


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I'm not sure which team to support in Euro2008, as there are no Everton players represented there.


Its easy to know who not to support (Spain). There are two teams with no EPL players in their ranks, Italy & Romania. I think I'll go for Italy to do the double...


Ferreira -Chelsea. Emre - Newcastle Lehman - Arsenal Anelka -Chelsea.

Carvalho -Chelsea. Tuncay -Boro Ballack -Chelsea Diara - Pompey.

Ronaldo -Man U. Gallas -Arsenal.

Nani -Man U. Evra- Man U.

Makelele - Chelsea.

Kusczak -Man U. Pogatetz- Boro. Van de Sar -Man U. Malouda -Chelsea.

Fabianski -Arsenal. ooijer - Blackburn.

Senderos -Arsenal. Melchiot - Wigan.

Djourou -Arsenal. Gainnakopoulos -Bolton. Bouma -Villa. Baros - Villa.

Van Persie -Arsenal. Cech -Chelsea.

Corluka -Man City. Reina - Shite. Kuyt - shite.

Modric - Spurs Arbeloa -Shite.

Kranjcar -Pompey Fabregas -Arsenal.

Alonso -Shite.

Torres -Shite.

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Since none of my first choice teams are in this year's tournament, I don't really have a huge rooting interest. I'm sort of rooting for Poland and Germany, since my grandparents came from those two countries, and Romania just because I still have fond memories of how entertaining they were at the '94 World Cup. *shrugs* But I'm not emotionally invested in any of them.

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Guess I'll go with Croatia on consideration, Bilic for the Everton connection (although Materazzi learnt everything he knows at Goodison :P ).


My mother-in-law is German JD, so I suppose my lad could claim a slight allegiance, but as she's Jewish and snuck out with her family under cover of darkness in the 30's it's maybe a non-starter with the wife :) .

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QUOTE (notashardasbigdunc @ Jun 8 2008, 6:18 PM)

its like living in poland round here so maybe them


It look like it'll be tough job for Poland to qualify from their group now. I'm not surprised that nobody has gone for Croatia, who look the more likely to advance from the group stage.



That's a good point....they're very nearly British !


Kubica looks like he's going to win the Grand Prix as well.....go BritPoles !


Kubica was amazing, it would have been a different story if Hamilton had shunted him and not Riks. It looked like Hamo turned at the last 2nd.


but hats of to bmw for pulling off an incredible 1-2

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