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Next Years Worries


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Being an Evertonian I'm forever a pessimist.


Can we possibly hope to keep our European spot tomorrow with the likes of shitty signing Ronaldhino and Jo?


Spurs spending £16m on Modic like it was a drop in the ocean etc


I'm desperately holding onto to the fact these players are untried in the premiership.


Its only going to go so far though. I really think we are going to be pushed very, very hard next year. I think top 4 is out the question. City, Villa, Portsmouth and Spurs will all push us hard all the way.


I hope Arteta is A LOT better next year than ths year. We will need him to be on top form.

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Last season we were never going to live with Spurs, Man City and Newcastle.


They can buy whoever they want, then they have to motivate, keep from injury, get them to play with new players, new systems, get on with team mates who are paid only half what they are getting, ect,ect.....


Then they come up against average prem teams who have a point to prove against the big spenders, why they might just even have a little kick out against the new superstars, who might not just be up for the more physical side.


Top 4 will again spend big and have huge squads!That will be hard to break into!


If the refs are a bit kinda to us and our top players avoid injury....we could still be the best of the rest.

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Unless we bring in some real quality midfielders and develop a squad to cover our very good first 11 then I can't see us finishing in a European place again. If we do do both of those things then I see no reason why we can't pull further ahead of the chasing pack.


Sums it up completely.


Anyone thinking of posting an "Oh my God we're going to be overtaken by (insert 4 to 10 teams of your individual choice), why haven't we bought anyone yet, we're all going to die!!!" thread in the next four weeks read this post, breathe deeply and harden the fuck up.

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As they say in Moyes we trust! He knows who to sign and who not to sign... just think at the amount of players Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle have signed who have all turned out to be shite! I can only think of 1 player who was a shite siging and that is Andy Van Der Meyde (could include Beattie but he was good one season). I think we will get an investor if we do good again this season and win the Uefa cup (which we are capable of).

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